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Birchen or Silver Blue



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  • Carl, I am enjoyint the Silver Blues you set me have and they are coming along well.
    Thank you and the pics are nice you posted here.
  • Does anyone have Birchen or Silver Blues with little to no lacing that they would be willing to sell? You can contact me at
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    I am working on a male line and have some nice type Birchens, but the lacing goes too far on the male and the females. I was thinking a female with little to no lacing would help bring it up. I would entertain the idea of a good trio of breeders.

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    Ok, that helpse.
  • Not the best picture in the world, let me know if you need to see something closer and I will try to get it. Thanks for the help here.
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  • I`m not a pro but I think they look great!
  • I like them too, but that is probable because they are mine. I have so much to teach my eyes to look for when viewing my birds, so as to strive for the decription in the standard while keeping them pleasant to look at. I have one other male that has a beautiful hackle and saddle but he is so heavily laced that he he has more whit in the chest than black. But is he is still a very nice bird to look at even if I am not using him in the brood pen. I will try to get a picture of him later.
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  • Thanks, I really apreciate the help, I know it will save me some time. I will do exactly that and raise from the to see what happens. I have added this picture of the Cockerel that I will not be using, just to show how much lacing he has but I still think he is very pretty.
    I don't think pretty will get me there.
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  • I like the lacing on the little pullet on top electro she looks the part
  • Thanks Marvin, I have two other pullets that do not look as good as her.
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  • Those are beautiful Carl!
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  • I saw some nice birds over at Jamie Creamers place today. Realty nice birchens.
  • That's a nice little birchen
  • I think I need to shorten the legs and get more tail and feathers.
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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
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