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Birchen or Silver Blue



  • OK, few others are real interested in making comments or posting usefull information for these two varieties. I will share some additional information that was provided to me by several different modern game breeders and a Birchen OE master from NM.
    The use of Brown Red with Birchen is a good idea every few generations. When placing the Birchen male over Brown Red females all the females will be Birchen. They no longer carry the genes that dilute the silver to a creamy or bright white but carry silver in a purer form as the genes they carry to enhance color are for turning gold to red. This results in a clear clean silver in both sexes. This will last for several generations, the same works in the other direction as well to darken the hackle of the Brown red using Birchen females under Brown Red males. cleaner clearer hackle color in females, good crisp color for hackle saddle and wing bow of males.
    Carl, is this the same for old English?
  • Never mind. Just mis read it.
  • Never mind. Just mis read it.
    Honestly it is a color pattern thing has nothing to do with the breed.
  • Here are a few I'm sending north to get someone else started in the varieties, a three year old cock, two cockrells two of last years pullets I used in breeding this year, and a few of this years pullets.
  • those are some good looking birds
  • Thank You Handy, I'm waiting on a few cockrells to come up some more and will have some set asside for you, but wanting to really get you a good start on them.
  • I'm looking forward to getting them. I sold out of two other varieties so I can really focus on them.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
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    Carl I thought I would let you know that Lonnie Ozee and Randy Autrey were on my yard today and Lonnie was impressed with the Silver Blues you gave me. That is a real compliment from a great breeder like Lonnie. Thought you would enjoy.
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    Scott, that is good to hear, I always appreciate a fellow breeder and fancier likeing what they see more than a judges opinion since they have such limited time to see them.
  • Scott did Randy try to trade you a hamburger for them?
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    No Bill, got a freezer full here.
  • Well I'll bet it was nice to get to have them for a visit!
    It's always good for me to get to visit a while.
  • That must be awesome to have company come over to spend the day and talk chicken. ii Sure don't get many visitors here that I share common interests with. Even the Jahova Witnesses don't stop by my house when they come around soliciting. They know it is hard to get away from me when I start talking. LOL
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  • I have several Golden Birchen cockrells if anyone out there is working on Birchen or have good Brown reds and would like to work on Birchen. Free for pick-up will only last another week or so around here so let me know if your interested.
    Do you have a picture of a Golden Birchen?
  • No but can get one real easy... They are more for breeding, the Blue Golden could easily be mistaken for Lemon Blue. I will try to get you a pic in the next few days.
  • Thank you, I just did a litttle chicken trading and have a pair of Birchen with way too much lacing and the young cockerel has a yellow tint to him, may just be the sun.
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    Here you go.
  • My little male has that same hackle and saddle color except not on Blue. I will see if I get any Birchen colored birds from the breeding. Thanks for the pictures.
  • Here is a Birchen Cockerel I used to have, I do not remember what line he was, I bought him from the old eggbay auction site about 13 years ago.
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