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Birchen or Silver Blue



  • The work is showin. I wouldn't mind trying to get them more popular in my area, don't see much except the real popular varietys.
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  • Very nice
  • Nice Birds Carl!
  • How old are they carl
  • The cockrells are only about 5 months and the pullets 12 weeks
  • Carl, We gotta get them seen on the east coast. If you cannot make it to Dalton for the nationals I will be happy to haul a couple if you want to ship them to me. If I get away for the Atoka show I can pick them up in person. Wayne
  • Either way I will make sure to get some to you for the show. I appreciate that a great deal. I doubt I get to make Dalton myself, but would like to.
  • Wayne,
    I plan to send you a trio probably sept. / early Oct. They will be timed for the nationals with a 10 1/2 - 11 month cockrell and 6 -6 1/2 month pullets. If you like them keep them or send them back your choice. In the event you decide to keep them I will send a second trio
  • I would be very interested Carl just let me know when your ready to sell them.
  • It will be a little bit yet Handy, I will only let a bird go I am willing to keep it myself and many of what I have a bit too young to evaluate right now but I will admit they are very consistant.
  • Waiting is no problem I have to clear up some pen space anyway have a whole bunch of large breed buckeye chicks at the moment that I'm thining down. I wish my old english would hatch as well as my buckeyes.
  • That is good to hear, I find teh most patient folks are the most serious about a variety, gives one time to think rather than impulse and I would like to see the variety out there more.
  • I would also. I think they are a very nice looking variety.
  • Carl, Are they a recognized variety?
  • They are recognized.. You will do very well with them this year.
  • Well. Thanks for everything Carl! My mom loves the veggies and the pear butter is delicious. My mom was wondering if you could teach me new stuff about genetics and what not lol. Is that fine with you?
  • Would be happy to help you out and grow in the hobby. Im glad you enjoyed the extras too. If you need more there is plenty.
  • My mom said "She'll be calling you" lol.
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