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Random Questions?

Does any body knw a gentelman by the name of CaseyD I knw he breeds brownreds lemon blues and lemon blue sports can u please give me his # or email address?


  • You can contact him through this site. At the bottom of this page is a column called resources. Under that click on brouse membership. Find his profile and send him a message. His email is also listed under his profile.
  • Thanks kjundog
  • i have a trio of standards in a pen and one of them is eating eggs not sure which one yet. dont know if its the rooster or one of the pullets. does anyone know of a way to stop this besides pullin their head off. dont want to have to do that.
  • Wooden eggs is the only way I have found once they have started. If you have a nest box that they have to fly up to that is in a dark corner will also help.
  • This behavior is either a nutrition deficiency, a bad habit or just bordum. Start by putting a golf ball in there and identify the culprit. IT may get tired of pecking the golf ball and realizes it can't bust it stop the behavior all together. This is a difficult problem once the habit starts. Many time it is started by a hen that layed a soft shell egg. Could be a number of reasons. I had bantam Sumatras years ago that would eat egs if they were layed on the ground. When I put a nest box in they started laying in it and never broke any eggs that were in the box but let one bird drop one on the cage floor and they would go after it. JUst a few things to think about and I hope you can clear this up. Wayne
  • a golf ball works great
  • their pen is 8 by 16 and i let them out on the yard several times a week. they have access to grit and oystershell and i feed them laying pellets plus a grain mixture. they are around 8 months old and the 1 pullets just started to lay. i didnt know if age had anything to do with it. i will try the fake egg trick and see if that works.
  • thompson I heard if u feed them sea shells they will stop eating eggs mexican home remedy?...lol u should be able to purchase sea shells in ur local feed store..
  • I use oyster shells and it helps
  • Sorry about that Dh is correct oyster shells
  • i have a trio of standards in a pen and one of them is eating eggs not sure which one yet. dont know if its the rooster or one of the pullets. does anyone know of a way to stop this besides pullin their head off. dont want to have to do that.
    Do you have a nest box for them in the pen? A lot of times when the hen lays the egg it is moist and things stick to the egg which makes them peck it. If it is laying out in the open this is compounded. If you are feeding a quality egg pellet and the calcium level is above 3.50 percent the problem should not be in the calcium they are getting. I have had hens and roosters do this at various times and when you get one waiting behind the hen that is laying the egg for it to come out and then jumps on it to eat it these kind are near impossible to break from the bad happening.
    I hope this helps in some way.
  • i have another question fellas. the trio of egg eaters i was talking about also one or all has tapeworms. they came to me that way and i cant seem to get rid of them. i wormed all with wormazole tablets and again with wormazole 10 days later. was still noticing them so i hit them with valbazen 3 days in a row and gave the third dose last night and still noticed some today. what is the best wormer to get this under control and do i need to treat the ground with anything as i do not have another pen to move them to at the moment.
  • You already got them with the Valbazen, but dose them again once a week for 4 weeks. You cannot avoid worms.
    There is an article posted Wayne and I wrote together, it covers all the poultry parasites internal and external and how to treat them. It is at the top of the discussions page.
  • Tapeworms are the hardest of all the internal parasites to rid of. Regular treatment with Fenbendazole or leviamsole are probably the most effective I am told. Never had first hand ezperiance with them so I am only going by what I have read or heard. I do Ivomec my birds regularly and maybe that is why I never had a problem with it. Ivomec is a good preventative but don't know how effective it is as a treatment.
  • thanks for the info. i have never had tapeworms in chickens before these came to me this way. until i get this under control will the ones they shed that are not dead go ahead and die since they are not in the body.
  • I could be wrong but I was thinking that Ivomec did not get tapeworms. I know it works on almost every other type of worm.

  • Ok I Have A RANDOM question I have had my birds under lights for 4 weeks got good production until this week and like a switch, have not got an egg in 3 days from over 15 hens and pullets of dif varieties. North florida weather from warm to frost 3 days ago back to rainy 70s this week end will all this straighten out when the weather straightens out. Also how long should I continue to keep lights on ( can I burn out the hens ? ). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Change of temperature could have something to do with that, change of diet or relocation can also do it but also they could be between clutches but all of them at the same time is kinda rare. They do gotta rest and recoop every once in a while. 4 weeks of light won't burn them out. Don't know your situation but certainly can go with the artificial lighting for a couple more months. When daylight hours increase you can probably do away with the artificial lighting and mother nature will take over from there. Good luck Randall. Wayne
  • Checked my first round for fertility, Wow how poor can it get 43eggs only 12 fertile
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