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Fawn silver duckwing's



  • Ellis Fudgey Is steve Carroll.. He lives up there I am in florida.. I have been trying to make a female fsdw line.
    Kdog He has been working on them.. Not sure what He has now. he raised a bunch but everything is molting... We should be at boaz.
  • Got some scheduled dental surgery and doesn't look like I will be in BOaz. Tell him I said hi.
  • I might have to go . I'm new to Oegb been in for one year now . Been breeding long tails for some time but would love the chance to take in person to some of y'all . I Have a lot to learn and would love to pic up some new blood for next years breeding .needing blacks fawn and creole
  • Nice. I am always learning to.. Between my partner and I we have fsdw, blue, black, Brown red, Cornish, moderns, and Malay bantams. I might be missing a few..
  • Its hard keep up with all of them I have over 100 breeders. Zoo easy for laptop helps a lot .
  • Lol I see that most of y'all have 300+ I don't see how y'all keep up with it all . I do all individual breeding how do you keep up with what's what .
  • Toe punching and good records.
  • I have the zoo easy computer program it helps a lot.it Keeps up with the pedigree of each bird and you can print it .
  • Tim Lets See Some Pictures Of The Female Line You Are Working on.
  • Ellisfarms where would one find that program
  • I ordered off line zooeasy .com it a nice program you can print a 7 generation pedigree for someone if you sale a bird . And you can keep up with your percent of hatch from one bird . Show results of one bird and pics of that bird . Its not cheap but it worth it in my opinion .
  • look on page 3 that is my first female ive kept. out of female line sdw x fsdwsport. Not as tight backed as I want but will get there. Small comb tight wing carriage.
  • Btt let's see um

  • That Is one pretty bird
  • Some cockerels we raised this year.
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Good looking birds
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