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Gamebird Starter ????

cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
edited March 2012 in Somethin' to Crow About
Has anyone used Gamebird Starter for their chicks? This product was reccomended to me by the feed dealer this week. What rations do the rest of you use on your chicks? At what age do you start them on a maintenance ration?


  • I used it a few years ago and got along ok. I added some grain into it to drop the protein just a bit. Too high of protein isn't always a good thing.
  • I use the G B starter 28% to start the chicks for the first week then switch to the Chick Starter all in Crumbled feed. I have had less trouble with chicks when doing this and my reason for the switch is I don't like to feed 28% for that long of a period to get them to grown. The Chick starter I use is medicated with Amprolium and BMD.
    I feed the grown birds 20% Complete egg pellets. The complete just means they have enough calcium to sustain eggshells without feeding Shells.
    Also I feed this year round.
  • I just recently changed from a 26% gamebird starter to a 20 poultry chick starter. Reason was the gamebird starter was not medicated and was having a problem with cocci so I switched to a medicated starter. I feed a starter untill they are grown and ready to go into breeding pens. I do mix other things in it when conditioning for show. I like the Lone Star poultry conditioner for this. It is a mixed grain and pellet that was designed for the large games and used to be known as Rambo Rooster. Lone Star changed the name and the bag to get away from the cockfighting image but they assured me that the formula is still the same.
  • I start my chicks out on Purina chick starter medicated and continue until they are about 10-12 weeks old and then switch to regular feed. If you are having issues with Coccidiosis in your young birds Wayne, you might want to try a product called Stalosan. It comes in powder form and you just sprinkle it on the litter. It kills all forms of pathogens with no harm to the birds. Its sold by Twin City Poultry supplies and their phone is 614-595-8608. I had trouble last year and used Amprolium to stop it but this year I'm using the Stalosan to prevent it before it starts.
  • Thanks Barry. I will keep that in mind. It has run it's course and everything young is on screen now. I haven't found a dead chick in over a week now.
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