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  • One more cockeral for good measure! :) Any feed back (good or bad) is appreciated, because we are still very much in the learning stages of breeding for "Standard" colour!
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  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Beautiful wing bay!!!
  • The first cockerel you posted Bodine, I like his overall type, It looks like he has a very nice body, The tail looks in proportion to the rest of the body and has no gaps between tail feathers, I also like that the bottom of the tail feathers are horizontal to the ground, Good double row of white baring a crossed the wing and down the secondaries, with wings coming to a point and showing thigh (wing carriage), The tail needs longer and wider secondary sickles, and the barring is to dark, The neck hackle also has some solid red hackles and some black striping that should not be there , Also watch for red showing up in the breast, I would like to see him stand up better on his legs, Saddle is ok but would like to see it more abundant
  • Even with poor color the first cockerel is the better bird in my opinion
  • Thanks Ron.. As I stated earlier, I have little clue as to what the proper color (according to standard) is, but I do have a preference on type. I do have at least a slight idea of the type of bird that appeals to me, & how it should relate to the Old English standard, & the 1st Cockeral in my opinion is the better bird also. Although I haven't read a standard in near 25 yrs, lol.. And yes, he does have a really nice body when you get him in your hands! Thanks again for the feedback!
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    Also, when I was a teen some 25yrs ago a mand gave me some solid advice.. He stated type is the breed, color is the variety. Thus, the above cockerel made the breeding pen, based on his type & the way we percieve an Old English is supposed to look, & feel. Most of his siblings, along with his parents had abundant saddle & hackle, along with really good secondary sickles, so we're hoping it was more of a late hatch issue more so than genetic. Thanks again for your input.
  • I'll agree with Ron on just about everything he stated, but I like the darker barring. makes the barring look more distinct. you have the type down pat. scrap the 2 mating
  • Thanks Tater, the #2 mating was already history!
  • thanks for all the comments.
  • Morgan Where are you at in Oklahoma, and where did you get your creles
  • Ron, I guess I'll go ahead & answer on Morgan's behalf.. 1st, he lives about a mile from downtown Hoyt, OK.. Hoyt is a small, small rural community between Eufuala & Stigler OK just a couple miles N off #9 Hwy. 2nd, a few years ago he aquired Crele from Randy Daniel, Tom Williams (Lail birds), & Morgan Young (Dogwood Bantams). He has bred them straight, as well as crossing/blending the lines together. So, they are now Morgan Hamlin Crele. The typey cockerel is a cross of all the lines, while the old cock bird pictured came from Morgan Young. Like most fanciers, he knows he has a lot of work to do, but he is patiently working at it! Have a goodun, Jeff
  • I am glad you guys are in Oklahoma as I welcome competition and it looks like youall could be some tough competition, There are some good creles around Oklahoma, Texas, and Mo.
  • Thanks ron we still have some stuff to work on
    But we will get there one day. Hopefully sooner than later they sure are fun to mess with.
  • Will you okies be showing this year?
  • yall post some more crele pics. here is a pullet from this year her barring is better in real life
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  • NIce Body, decent barring, wing carriage good. For a pullet that comb is big. Need to work on them heads and combs . I see alot of females that fall short in this area. You are not alone. I have that problem myself in the Columbians.
  • Not sure Boggycreek.. If we have something we feel is of worthy quality then we may try and hit a couple of shows, but that's still all up in the air. However, we do plan on attending 2 or 3 shows (Atoka, Shawnee, maybe the Game Bantam Show) if our work & family schedules allow, so hopefully we we be able to meet and learn from some of you fine people. Jeff
  • Shoot me an email so I can put you on the list for a show catalog.
  • Bodine, Even if you don't have anything ready to show it is a good experiance to come and see and learn. Last December, I drove 12 hours to go to the national in Dalton and did not show a single bird. I don't regret a minute of it. If you can fit it in your schedule go whether you are showing or not.
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