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  • Nortexff do you know if ronnie ledford has male line Crele?
  • Yes he does.. My grandpa has 2 very nice trios from him
  • Thanks Josh.
  • 4 year old cock..cant tell it now but he was best Crele at the 2010 Jamboree
    2560 x 1706 - 1M
  • I like the rich color, the barring looks good, but he has that dreaded dark feather
  • William he still looks good in type and his tail is still respectable for that age! I really do like him and I am not a crele man.
  • I agree yall hes a pretty nice bird
  • I like him I would use him till he kicked the bucket lol
  • back up male breeder and his friend
    ore chicken pics 4-11-2013 010.JPG
    1632 x 1232 - 433K
    ore chicken pics 4-11-2013 015.JPG
    1632 x 1232 - 420K
  • nice birds
  • Clifton what line are your creles. Very nice birds
  • thanks! Not sure what line they are, I was given some eggs to hatch 2 years ago and these birds are from the birds that I hatched from those eggs.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Lookin Good Karla!
    Keep it up!
  • image


    These are pics of the same Cockeral, from a male line a friend of mine (Morgan Hamlin)is working on.. I wish he would stand on up a lil better because this pic may make him look squatty, but believe me he isn't. He was a late hatched bird during a brutal summer, & I know he has a few issues but I think Morgan is headed in the right direction. Just thought I would share some of his birds!
    448 x 299 - 43K
    5184 x 3456 - 2M
  • Here is an older brood cock..

    443 x 336 - 50K
  • A cockeral from a different mating.
    Hamlin_Crele-DW.K #1.JPG
    448 x 299 - 46K
  • Yea, he ^^ needs a better dubb job! Lol
  • Here are a couple of his females from different matings..
    448 x 299 - 40K
    448 x 299 - 40K
  • Her sister has been eating at her feather, & I nor Morgan knows what the correct color pattern for the females is supposed to be, but she is typey.. Some may say she is more female line type. Although, I know her white ear lobes would kill her in a show!
    448 x 299 - 42K
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