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  • They are nice Handy!
  • Female looks nice, Males are a little to dark for my taste although sickles do not show dark feathers, hackle does show some solid red feathers and needs a double row of light barring across the wing under the wing bar
  • Thanks the picture makes them look a bit darker then they are what would be the best way to get that barring across the wing that is one thing I've been wanting to improve
  • Looks pretty dern good Gavin.
  • Thanks Wayne I've got one that is still comein up I think is gonna finish out really good he is lookin a little rough at the moment because I had to pack him in with a few others while I fixed cages that got messed up by the blizzard.
  • Using females with good bright uniform barring across their wings will help the male
  • I'll have to try that I didn't get many females this year and only kept two but I plan to cross those on the sire. Bad part is I ended up with more cockerals I want to use then pullets to use them with.
  • I have a trio of female line creles coming from Ronnie Ledford they are pure Herman Woody, I am excited to try them, all of mine are Jake Lail and the old Ken Connaway line from Dwight Madson, The Connaway line has the best baring but have crossed well with the Lail birds.
  • Ron I done fell in love with that little crele hen ... wonder what she would do on a Opal cross ........ LOL

  • Got The trio of creles in today, I do like that little hen, They are very small compared to my male line , I do plan to cross one of my male line females on the female line male from Ronnie, will bounce him back and forth in the two pens. I have a male line cockerel that I sure like, I need to get him into the breeding pen but I want to show him at the Great Plains show and the Pryor show so have been holding back.
  • I hope you do good with them Ron ... Ya Josh Josh did get all the eggs while there here and is planning to put them in the bator Sunday thats all I need ...LOL Another varity I told him if any hatched I was gonna ship them to you when we got them up to a good size ... lol :-q :O
  • lets just say he really liked that little hen
  • Ron, can you post some pics of the crele female line?
  • I don't have any pics yet but here are a few pics of my male line
    1500 x 1493 - 151K
    3888 x 2592 - 4M
    1500 x 1434 - 122K
  • I like those females!
  • edited January 2013
    Ron theres somthing about you and wing carriage looky there on that male bird
  • Nice birds Ron
  • I'd like to see some more creles if anyone has pics of there's.
  • The cockerel in the third pic was BV at the Great Plains Game show and was in the top 8 of the orange card show last weekend
  • He's a nice bird Ron. I like the Crele males.
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