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Project Blue Silver Wheaten

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This thread is for any and all interested parties who have the common goal of advancing the Blue Silver Wheaten Variety of the Old English Game Bantam. a email list of breeders who are already in the process of or are interested in attempting to advance the variety if anyone would like a copy of it or would like to have your information added to it please forward your info to me either by pm or email it to


  • Randall,
    I have no intention of breeding them however they are a direct result from other improvement matings I have, so if you or anyone else can use the birds that result you are all more than welcome to them.
  • blue silver wheaton , silver blue duckwing, is the color pattern the same?
  • Tater, in the males yes, but the females will be different. Males show as a silverduckwing and females show as a silver wheaten. I tried this a couple of years ago and my females all had a pink coloring in the wings and had a sdw color I'm sure one more year would have made the females better but I didn't keep any nor try anymore.
  • They come nice and wheaton in appearance when the columbian / wheaton x male is used back over the wheaton females again. I think the use of the SDW will add to the dirty back on the females longer and take a bit more work to get the duckwing pattern back out. Daniel ended up with nice wheaton colored females with silver hackles and definate wheaton males with a golden tint this coming breeding season should give him good clean males and some more females. I know he also picked up some additional wheaton / blue wheaton females to use with the males.
  • Picked up a nice sdw and threw him in the pen with some wheaten hens now hurry up and wait. Gotta start some
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    Well all my sdw/wheaten F1 pullets are looking silver duckwing got to get the standard on silver wheatens Brads and mine look nothing alike. Will be putting the best F1 male over some Blue Wheatens and BW sports next spring hope fully get a good hatching and go from there. Carl if I put a Blue Wheaten over a f1 (sdw/whtn) pullet what should I expect?
  • Randall,
    As much as I hate to say it using a wheaton male over the pullets will just be a mess. You would have to cull hard on chick down, all the pullets would be a waste and the cockrells would be golden then would have to bred to a wheaton again to get pullets that may be usefull.
  • Just wondering have an abundance of blue wheaten cockrells, will stick to putting the sdw cock over the f1 pullets , f1 males over the f1 females and f1 males over the wheaten hens I guess that's my options so I will set all that up this spring and see what happens.
  • Randall,
    I would not go back to the duckwing, the F1 x F1 and F1 male x wheaton females would really be the only two matings that will help you out.
  • These are the females I have raised this year. 3 are out of a SDW/columbian male to a wheaten/columbian female. The smaller one is out of a brother sister mating of wheaten/columbian male and female. She is closer to the color the standard calls for at this time
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  • Ok thanks Carl I appreciate your help found my notes where you had already told me that lol.
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    NorTexFF Maybe I can catch up next year. Found the Standard and I agree about the lil one. When ever you get a loner pic of her post it for us to look at.
  • Ok bud, I will do. I set up a pen to try and get more of the silver wheatens. Time will tell.
  • Ok bringing this back up to the top , got a couple F1 cockerels to go back over the F1 pullets waiting to hopefully pick up a couple more Wheaten hens to move forward .Brad think we may have another interested participant in the endevor ahead.
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    Does anyone have an extra F1 male that is preferably from a SWD cock x Wheaten hen? I would be interested in a typey male, if anyone has one bred this way. Or better yet, a male from the cross above bred back over a wheaten female.
  • Bodine give me a call904-562-9087
  • I'll give you a shout later Randal, thanks.
  • F1 Silver Wheaten Cockerel
    F1 Cockerel.jpg
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  • SDW Cock used to start Silver Wheatens
    SDW COCK.jpg
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    Nice Randal!
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