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  • WAYNE shoot me his contact info. I have a few on the way but having a few more couldnt hurt
  • Ok Randal and Handy, The birds entered the mail at 2:30 pm and you should have them by wednesday!
    Keep me posted on their arrival.
  • Sounds good Bill Thanks.
  • he's working on the red quill too.
  • Thanks Mr. Bill Handy what you working on all secretrive lol
  • No secret projects lol
  • Mr.Bill birds arrived this morning all appear to be fine Ill give them a week to get acclimated and then put them to work
  • That is great and if Handy gets his ok we are in business.
    Thanks Randal.
  • They did Thanks Bill one little hen already layed an egg. They act like they have lived here their whole life lol going to wait a bit before I introduce my buff male to them
  • That egg will be fertile to a Black Tailed Buff that I got from Del. He is a very nice cockerel if you want to try to hatch the eggs you get from them.
    I'm glad they showed up and hope you enjoy them and get done what you want to do.
    Also my wife bought a money order and stuck it in the mail with your extra cash you sent.
  • Sounds good Bill I already like them they have a good attitude and type. I will set the eggs and see what I get.
    Thanks again I think they will help alot with type improvements.
  • I'm glad you like them.
    just don't forget me on some nice Buff coloring later.
  • You got a top spot on the list I'm going to set buffs and buff crosses into August so hopefully I can get some good numbers and alot to select from.
  • Officially started 4 lil ones
  • What color are they?
    Pure Buff?
  • Bill could you send me your address and phone number, I have 6 of the Buff chicks that I think are old enough to make the trip if you are still interested.
  • They are Buff over Wheaten and appear that they are solid buffs two are darker two are lighter gonna try to see id that is any thing to do with the sex. attempted to look at wing feathers but was un able to decifer anything. Got more set and will start setting the Buff / BWS crosses as soon as they start laying for me. Richard if Bill dont want them send em to florida lol.
  • They are headed his way :)
  • Lol I tried
  • I'm ready for the buff bws chicks soon as they start layin again all this crap weather has shut them down.
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