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  • As soon as they are old enough you can pick what you need.
  • That is great Richard! Keep me posted, I am excited about them.
  • Bill I could be wrong but after looking at that chick I do believe I saw some at our Atwoods store in Norman. So if you have one around you may take a look to see
  • Yeah, I bought some of them one time and when they got up to about 10 lbs., I decided they weren't Bantams!LOL
  • They were probably buff orpingtons. I know when I worked at the feed store I was always putting chicks back in the pen they belonged because people would always pick them up and mix them all around.
  • That is funny Bill
  • Honestly they were bought for Buff Orpingtons and so they were nice and layed for several years but now we have these Giant Brhamas that are Colombian in color so that will be nice also.
  • Bill, or anyone else
    I am still getting a few Buff columbian here and there if you are interested in them again this year I will set them asside. If not please let me know so I am not wasting feed on them.
  • Crl I will not only take some of them I will gladly pay for the feed and your trouble to hold on to them until we can connect.
  • No need to pay anything Bill, so long as you want them I will set them asside. Feed isn't bad for a few young birds I doubt I will get as many this year but the ones I do get should be better than the ones from last year. I an wait until there are enough to make a trip worthwhile, or a weekend I can have the spare time to bring daniel there to speak with you and Danny about BB Red breeding.
  • Sounds great Carl. I have several cockerels, Just don't have many of the Lail's. I do have the three I am holding to see if they want them. Thank you again.
  • Will take a few also just let me know. Also the Silver Wheatens we talked about .
  • Have you all seen the Troy Vannoy buffs?
  • I had heard he was working with them but haven't seen any
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • he's working on the red quill too.
  • The Begining of my project Buff and the rest will be History
  • The Breeding pen
    2448 x 3264 - 2M
  • Lil closer pic
    2448 x 3264 - 1M
  • Look good 911randal
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