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  • Are they suppose to have dark legs? I could be wrong but thought the standard was pinkish white. I am at work and don't have one with me. Could someone look it up please?
  • They should not have dark legs for buffs
  • You are right, the roosters don't have the dark legs, but the hen does. If you look real close you can see a small amount of black in her tail.
  • Finally got my Buffs
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  • Alright! Now all you have to do is get me some of them raised and send them to me!
    I am hatching some of the Blue tailed buffs now and will watch to see how they turn out. They have good down color but it will be a while before I know what I really have.
    Nice color randal.
  • Do you have pics of your females Randal? Hows their size?
  • Handy I am gonna try to get some tom and put on here. They are a lil big but gotta start some where
  • Mr. Bill you are on my list as I know you are looking for some.
  • Mine are on the larger side also. I need to find a couple real nice wheaten females for type breedings.
  • Here is another picture of the one I will be getting he weights 22.7 oz
    Buff Rooster.jpg
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  • Where's he comeing from? looks almost like a red do you know what the parent birds were?
  • If I was doing anthing toward Buff he would be include in it if he was here. I would think he would work and the color he has might even dilute to a great Bufff color.
  • If you have some nice color females he may work
  • edited March 2013
    He is a third generation of breeding from Strombergs and Ideal birds. Breed from the smallest of the birds. They were called Reds that derived from there Buffs.
  • How do the females look?
  • Gavin there is a picture of her on page three of this topic. She has dark legs, but with a little luck some of the chicks from her will be light legged.
  • K I think I remember seeing her the buffs are definatley gonna be a project but I'm looking forward to it
  • Here is one of the 9 Buff chicks I picked up last weekend.
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  • How many do you have to ship me Richard? I am needing some of that pure Buff coloring fo my projects!
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