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  • If I have a decent hatch I may have some to share Bill.
  • Thanks, keep in touch! I am primarily interested in rich color but type is always nice.
  • I am beginning to put eggs in the incubator now from the Black Tailed Buffs I got from Del now that are crossed with Blue Wheaten Sports so hopefully I will be getting some hatched before long. Sometimes it seems to take forever to get a project rolling but that is what makes it so much fun, anticipation!
    I am so looking forward to advancing the Buff color in my flock!
  • Has anyone tried to contact Larry White in Kentucky for Buff Old English?
  • Did not know of him any contact info???
  • I have been searching to no avail for some Buff coloring Richard. If you do have any info on him it could be appreciated.
  • I'd like it too if you have it. Hopefully mine will start laying soon.
  • I just thought I would bring it up again someone said something earlier in the post about Buff in Kentucky so i looked in the year book and saw the name but no contact information.
  • You might try (270- 369-7825) I think this might be his #, I talked to him a few years ago about his birds.
  • Thanks okie I will try to call him tom
  • Has anyone tried to call him yet?
  • Talked to him nothing for sale, Did get some info on breeding
  • I am all ears...(eyes) Lets see what he had to say! :-B
  • Was telling me to keep the darker colored males for breeders and to try to keep close records as some males may throw white feathers. Also said that by me breeding to wheatens was the best way he had found to introduce type.
  • Coudl these light reds help make Buffs?
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  • Richard IDK but would sure try it. What are they out of. Wondering what the out come would be.
  • Got My PHONE call today my BUFFS are on the way suppose to be here Thursday cant wait. Was not this excited at Christmas lol. Pics avail as soon as arrival. Also got some beautiful lil wheaten hens from Mr Ledford to keep him busy after his quarintine.
  • Electric, are those American game bantams?
  • just go ahead and send em to florida and we will see lol
  • Here is one of the hens. I am thinking these are Buff instead of Reds. I am planing on getting some chicks from this breeder and one of the roosters. The Breeder said they were fourth generation from some he got from Stombergs. He kept the smallest birds and that is what makes up his stock. I haven't seen them in person yet but will on the 9th.
    Buff Hen.jpg
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