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  • there nice i wouldnt mind having some to work with
  • Dave Anderson in California
  • Bljbantams if I can get a good amount hatched out I'll look ya up or Tony Bezok may have more next year he's a good guy to deal with. Post pics when ya get em 911randel.
  • thanks i would appreciate it
  • ther is also a guy in Kentucky, I believe, who has Buff, he is in the yearbook. He is the only one who has points for showing.
  • What can you cross a buff on to help make a better bird. Like my chocolates I use blacks.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    try mashmellows and pecans.
  • edited January 2013
    That might make them taste better anyways. =P~ I think Wheaton is the variety to use but not real sure how long it would take to get back to a solid Buff.
  • Blue band wheatens for sure!
  • I'm going to try and make my improvements without useing another variety but If I do it will most likely be wheaten maybe black tail buff.
  • What would happen if you used whites
  • I asked that awhile back and from what I understood white would was them out to much but I may have misunderstood
  • I was told by a breeder a few years ago that Black is a good one to cross with. It will take a few crosses to get the Buff color right, but that was what I was told.
  • Would that give you a black tail buff type bird?
  • I know this thread is about buffs, but I'm using wheaten and blacks for outcrossing this year on my BTBs. I was told the blacks would help type and leg color as my birds legs were a little light for my liking.
  • That's the only reason BTB aren't my first choice for type improvement don't want dark legs
  • Del, Be sure and keep me posted on your progress with that as I am interested in every move you make there my friend!
  • Would useing wheaten or blue wheaten be better for type improvement on straight buff?
  • I have never gotten any replies on the classifed ad I ran for Buff coloring so I think I am to assume there is not many around days. Ifanyone has any knowledge of any one I would appreciate it.
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