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Mixing feed

edited December 2012 in Made from Scratch
I have been thinking about mixing my own feed because I can't find a bagged feed I really like in my area and was wondering what are some ingredients you would use.


  • Wheat, Oats, Austrian Peas,Canadian Peas, Popcorn, Fish Meal, Blood Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Vitamins/Minerals, Calcium, Grit.
  • What % of each Id like to keep about 22% protein i'd have to avoid bone meal because I us the mixer for my cattle feed unless I can find a smaller mixer just for chicken feed. Any certain vitamin or mineral? Id also like to be able to feed it to my quail also.
  • You can use porcine or pork meat and bone meal not bovine meat and bone meal.
  • What would be nice about this mix is no Soy, No Cottonseed, for protein source. The ingredients are somewhat pricey, especially the Peas and meals for the protein. The popcorn is not cheap either and would be nice if it was white popcorn. You can look for 50.00 bucks for 50# bag. A standard poultry premix would be sufficient for the vita/min requirements.
    There is less liklihood of aflatoxin poison in these ingredients also. It would take a bit of figuring to get the % of each right but I will see what i can come up with.
  • I would like to find a good ingredient list to mix my own feed since all i can get around here these days is pellets or crumbles :-(
  • Where do you get peas?
  • Roycattle they sale peas at feed stores. I find them in feed stores that have bens for grass seed goat wormer pellets and so on
  • Be careful of seed products as most are treated with something.
  • I would like to find a good ingredient list to mix my own feed since all i can get around here these days is pellets or crumbles :-(
    Wheat, Oats, Austrian Peas,Canadian Peas, Popcorn, Fish Meal, Blood Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Vitamins/Minerals, Calcium, Grit.
  • Popcorn 38.5#
    Pork Meat and Bone 22#
    Whole Wheat 17.5#
    Whole Oats 10.35#
    Peas Canadian 2.50#
    Peas Austrian 2.50#
    Calcium Carbonate 2.5#
    Grit (optional) 1.25#
    Fish Meal 1.25#
    Blood Meal 1.25#
    Poultry Premix ( Vita/Min) .40#
    This would make a 22% Protein w/5% fat feed and this is for 100 pounds of feed.+
    It will be quite a bit of frustration to get these products gathered up and quite expensive to make but it would to me be an ideal mix.
    I do not use this mix because of expense #1 and inconvenience #2 but the question was what would be a good mix and it's products.
    I wish I could feed this but there are too many obsticles in making this and to get it mixed at the place I work would be over
    $800.00 per ton and I would have to purchase 3 ton of it at a time.
  • Thanks Bill I'd have to sell all my birds for that feed lol I've been talking to my supplier for my cattle feed ingredients and he said they wouldn't be able to get most of those ingredients so sounds like I'll be sticking with what I'm useing for now and maybe being able to add a few of those later on.
  • edited December 2012
    Some of the things you can sub here would be soy meal for the protein and cracked corn for the popcorn and take the peas out and add more wheat and oats. That would cheapen it up a good bit and then you could buy these ingredients anywhere. I was just putting on a formula that would be so nice for us to have realizing the complications of it.
    You can find an Old English game cock feed that would accomplish the most of this and I use some of it for my flock. It has all these things in it except for the peas and all the other ingredients are in pellet form that is in the mix.
  • Thanks for the work you spent on that mix bill ill have to try it on my next feed run.
  • Thats the problem i had bill i use to use bluebonnet gamecock cond. But they stopped carring it around here. So i have been looking ever since
  • How do you keep the birds from picking threw this?
  • I have found when the grains are covered with the fish, blood and porcine they don't really know the difference, it all has pretty much the same flavor and they can't help getting all the ingredients just by eating the grains. You may find some of the meal left in the dish but you can just stir it back into the next dish when you refill it.
    On the cock feeds they will eat some pellets and some grains and some birds like grains others don't. Some will eat the whole corn while others won't but if you try these feeds, just get 1 bag and put 1 pen on it and nothing else and see how your 1 pen does. That is the way I got to using the gamecock feed only I used it on 8 pens and within 2 weeks they were doing better than the others. Just what I found but try for yourself. The game cock feed is not any more expensive than the other products in most places. They only have to eat a couple of those high protein pellets to get what protein they need.
    I am always trying something different as I work in a feed manufacturing plant here in McAlester, Ok.
  • Bill if I come out there to be closer to all of the action do you think you could line me up with a job? I have over 20 years of experience in the feed and grain business the last 18 years in a feed mill before it closed this spring. Just kidding. As much as I would like to take off and go out there and be close to all of you guys there is no way that I could do it right now with everything that is going on right now.
  • Bill the ration you posted would you run it threw a roller mill and crimp it crack it or just feed it whole?
  • The first mix that I discussed would be fed as a grain and meal mix and they would take their choice of what they wanted out of it. I feed the Gamecock feed that way and I am surprised at how they do on it and the way they select how they want to eat, kind of like in the wild or on the range. If they want wheat they eat wheat if they want protein they will eat that and so on. Bear in mind Roy this is a whole new way of thinking for me as I most usually feed a complete feed and give them no choice of what they eat but it seems to me they are much happier with being given a smorgasbord to select from and they seem to be doing better to me. I am one who loves to see the birds happy and when they see me come into the yard in the evenings they are running the front of the pens and looking for me. I have also always liked to see the feed cleaned up from the day before but pay little attention to it now except for the fact of the whole corn I love this method. It would be nice if our gamecock feed had popcorn in it and I am talking to the owner now to see if we can make some changes after the first of the year. Our bantams would like the popcorn better and I feel like the gamecock breeders would also.
    All of my life I have been told how they need to have a balanced ration and I agree with that except it seems they want to balance it themselves. The pelleted feeds are all stuck together and the crumbles are just mashed pellets so essentially it is the same deal for them. With the grain/protein mixes they select what they want whether it be grain particles or a protein source. It is amazing to me how some won't touch the wheat and others go primarily after it. some will pick out the pellets and some will choose one pellet over the other. Our Gamecock mix has 3 different pellets in it.
    Also the ones in the yard are neat to watch and sometimes after the feed is gone they will be scratching around in the place I feed them for one more little morsel.
    Our Gamecock feed also has Black Oil Sunflowers in it and you never see one of them laying around anywhere. They love the black oils. Like I say this is kind of a new concept for me but it really seems more like a natural way to do it as they can have their choices and not be force fed what we think they should have which results in them not wanting to eat much of anything but just to get by.
    I have always liked the idea of feeding grains but thought I was messing with their performance on the concentrated feed so I wouldn't let them have it because my mind told me they needed what I wanted them to have. Now with this new concept Ia mreally liking what I am seeing with them.
  • Bill,
    I had an interesting conversation a few days ago regarding this very subject and would really like your input on the use of Rice Bran.
    It is said to be high in Iron, vitamins, minerals, fat and oils. with an average of 14% protien.
    I know this is being used heavily in horse and cattle show feeds.
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