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Bring the Forgotten Varieties Back CHALLENGE

edited December 2012 in Made from Scratch
What are some of the older recognized varieties that have faded away? I am going to work on one being the Buffs but what are some of the others that dare we say are on the endangered list. And the next question towards some of the older breeders why do you think that these varieties are not as popular. Was it just that not a big enough following, to hard to get even close to the standard. Also some of the benefits as of trying to bring back some of these forgotten varieties. Mr. Ron stated earlier in the other thread ( projects) about people learning and knowing the benefits that the Opals will bring to the breed in the development of different varieties. I agree whole heartily but lets not forget the earlier varieties that has brought the breed where it is today. I know that me being a returning/newbie to OE has me prob a lil fired up on this topic and my goals looking forward to My new personal challenge has all my wheels turning. I know that just striving to perfect one variety is a challenge and as I have learned most OE breeders have at least a couple they are working on BUT, with all the knowledge here and the capabilities of being able to use this forum I am issuing a CHALLENGE. Take on a forgotten variety either by your self or find someone (or a couple someones)on here and help try and at least bring a few back. I may be Crazy but I read a quote on here some where saying " You gotta die working on some thing". And again some of you that have been around a while help me compiling a list of these to help others that may want to accept my challenge. And if you for some crazy reason you do decide to accept let us know on here. Thank you Randal


  • Randal,
    I have thought the same thing. I have Black Tail Buffs. I have seen some great Black tail reds in the past. Like the buffs you don't see a lot of them. I look forward to seeing the list.
  • Fawn Silver Duckwings.. Ive worked my butt off this year showing them and more and more folks are showing them also. I think that 2013 will be a great year for the fsd. Can not wait..
  • 34 Recognized Varieties
    Black Breasted Red
    Black Tailed Buff
    Black Tailed Red
    Black Tailed White
    Blue Brassy Back
    Blue Golden Duckwing
    Blue Silver Duckwing
    Blue Red
    Blue Wheaten
    Brassy Back
    Brown Red
    Fawn Silver Duckwing
    Ginger Red
    Golden Duckwing
    Lemon Blue
    Mille Fleur
    Red Pyle
    Self Blue
    Silver Blue
    Silver Duckwing

  • I'm working on black-tailed reds.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • gotgamegotgame Stillwater Oklahoma
    edited December 2012
  • I agree Tracy. From what I saw at the shows the males are dominating in the bb's.
  • Isn't silver wheatens recognized?
  • Isn't silver wheatens recognized?
    I believe so, however they are never seen. the males would easily compete with any silver duckwing and easier control hackle stripping.
    I gave several to some young men this past year that were hatched from the F1 Columbian x wheaton male back over Wheaton females they turned out quite nicely they plan to raise a few good cockrells to take back over some nice wheaton feamles to continue the line.
  • After reading Mr Tim Sheltons book I am also thinking of starting another side project of Blue silver wheatens being I have everything here already to make them so that will give me 2 showing and 2 projects this year wish me luck lol. And after the spring grow off if any thing I have will benefit your project and you may want it will be willing to trade or just assist another project for prob just shipping. Would really like to get this moving forward to protect these varieties for our future generations.
  • Is there anyway some one could help with the list in say popularity of varieties being shown or send me in direction to find such info.
  • I am also thinking of starting another side project of Blue silver wheatens being I have everything here already to make them so that will give me 2 showing and 2 projects this year wish me luck lol.
    If you are need of anything I can talk to Daniel, he should have plenty I started him with over 30 birds that he culled to 2 breeder quads. considering these are already 3/4 wheaton from a single very good line I doubt will be interested in starting over with un-known birds or first generation crosses. His feamles are already there this year will be matings for a good silver male since the males were golden. It is not my project by anymeans just a young man we work with quite a bit.
  • The silver wheatens are on the inactive list?
  • have not researched but what do you cross to get silver wheatens.....
  • Wheaten and Silver Duckwings
  • We were talking at the last show about the fact that the Female line BB Reds have fallen off in popularity lately with most people showing males now.
  • I believe most of the people that did well with the female line bbs and raised them had pass away and their birds has disappeared because of other people not breeding them the right way or just didn't know how to handle them.. but there are a few out there that has good female line bbs but I have heard they are hard to hatch and have fertile eggs.. and that maybe a reason why, we don't see that many good ones anymore
  • We came to about the same conclusion as Josh. Most of the older breeders are gone or at least out of chickens and the people who got them did not know how to keep the lines going. Some of the old lines could have been getting pretty tight and loosing fertility as well and when crossed with other lines they just did not work out. I am sure that there are people who will pick up on them and get them going again.
  • we have a few , that female stuff is really hard to raise, hatchablity, if thats a word .alot of the bb female line breeder don't like to part with because they have to have them.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    This will be my 3rd year working on Golden Duckwings. I dont know if you consider this a forgotten veriety? It is not a very popular veriety in my area. I think I have good type on my birds this year, I'm just trying to get the barn painted now.LOL....looking forward to this next years hatching season to see where I am at?......
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