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Columbian Old English

Well you knew when kjundog got here a Columbiam thread would follow shortly. Will get some photos soon. Right now I have hatched a few pure but really concerned about getting plenty of babies from the Wheaton and Columbian cross pullets mated back to a pure Columbian cock. Chicks that I have hatched so far are much smaller and backs and legs seem to be shorter. I think type will really go along way with this mating. Too soon to judge them for color as this is not a color you cull for too young. Did send 2 pairs to Brad Richardson(Nortex) in Texas so be lookin for him to start up with them. He got some super nice wheatons that will cross well with them.


  • How about posting some pictures of this beautiful variety?
  • Here are a few photos
    1024 x 768 - 99K
    1024 x 768 - 77K
    1024 x 768 - 93K
    1024 x 768 - 90K
    1024 x 768 - 94K
    1024 x 768 - 116K
    1024 x 768 - 108K
    1024 x 768 - 85K
    1024 x 768 - 97K
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Nice birds Kjundog!!! When you guys get the size and type on this variety where you want it they are going to be some very "showy" birds with that beautiful plumage.
  • Thanks for posting those. Very nice! how long have you been working on them?
  • About 15 total years. Worked on them for around 10 years and had to give up the birds in 2000 for workrelated reasons. Got back in 5 years ago and was fortunate enough to find some of my old line from a friend I gave some to when I got out and he still had a few. They are Bill Wulff and Gary Cunningham blood with just a small amount of commercial hatchery (Ideal Poultry). Bought 25 babies from Ideal and wound up killing all the females and kept only 2 males with good primary wing color and hackle and saddle striping. This was the start of my line that producing better colored males then most you see. Still got a ways to go on type but will see improvements this year with the wheaton and Columbian crosses. I kinda did it backwards and fixed color first because i I knew when I would introduce the wheaton blood the color and pattern would take a hit and I would need well colored birds to get it back. Guess the old theory of building the barn before you paint it is not always true. Sometimes you gotta put color first. That is what is great about breeding poultry. We all can do it our way and put our own influences on the birds we breed. Wayne
  • Love the Columbian OEGB's we don't have anything like that over here in Europe, Tom.
  • This color is one of the classic chicken colors. I have always liked the Columbain variety. It looks good on any fowl, large or small.
  • Wayne,
    when you get a chance please post a pic of the wheaton crosses, I think I sent you home with the better pullets, its all good I like th eones I kept and they are doing good with one of your cockrells from shawnee.
    I know I really am liking the cockrell from that mating and has me looking forward to this year out of him with the columbian pullets, as well as the wheaton cross pullets with your cockrell.
  • Those pics of your Columbians are great kdog! You have done a great job with them.
  • Hello Tom,
    I would love to see some photos of those Irish birds of yours. How do birds there compare to our birds here in the U.S.A.?
  • Carl,
    Those Xbred pullets I got from you look nice in type. Will get some photos of those as well as the Xbred male I bred Did not want them photos mixed in with the pure stuff photos so I should be posting some soon.

    Barry and Tom,
    As you can tell they were too stubborn to pose and I am too old to have the patiance to wait till they feel like posing. But you can see the color and pattern well. Really important to get the black glossy intense with a green sheen. So many you see are just so dull a black. Don't mean to sound like I am bragging but I have worked hard to get the color to this level. Still a ways to go on type, wing and tail carriage, leg length, size, earlobe and eye color on females and the list goes on and on. LOL
  • Here is the one wheaton/Columbian cross male I kept Notice how his top color is showing some browns from the wheatos.
    1024 x 768 - 101K
    1024 x 768 - 99K
    1024 x 768 - 55K
  • Here is wheaton Columbiam female #1 bred by Carl.
    1024 x 768 - 93K
    1024 x 768 - 101K
    448 x 336 - 30K
  • Female #2
    1024 x 768 - 97K
    1024 x 768 - 101K
    1024 x 768 - 99K
  • Female #3
    You can see they all show some brass from the wheaton
    1024 x 768 - 58K
    1024 x 768 - 97K
    1024 x 768 - 93K
  • If you go to my site and check the last menu Photo's there are 5 different lots of photo's or if somebody can tell me how to post photo's here I'll also do that,
  • Wow, those Irish birds are sure hard feathered and compact. They don't much resemble these oe. Kind of cornish, modern looking. Interesting birds
  • Wayne those columbians is looking good!
  • Ireland, do you select for pinched tails over there? It is just oposite over here.
  • Ireland, do you select for pinched tails over there? It is just oposite over here.
    Sorry Cowhand, what do you mean by pinched tails???
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