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Sick Biddies

I got a bunch of chicks of various ages and stages all running together in a big pen with access to run unpenned outside in daytime. Many of these are sneezing a few act sick. I put sumlet in the water and I usually just pull the heads off the sure enough sicks. Is there something else I can treat with in water or feed besides sumlet to get a broader response without haveing to give all those dang chicks a shot?


  • edited March 2012
    Mixing age groups can be a problem on it's on. What to treat with really depends on cause. Sulmet is great for coccidiosis but if it respiratory then perhaps putting duramycin soluable powder in the drinking water will help. Tylan 50 works good for eye colds. I do not give shots. I draw the tylan 50 out with a syringe but administer it orally at a rate of 1/2 mil per bird. Also if they are on the ground worming regularly for internal parasites is a must.
  • I went through this same explanation type sickness some while ago and like kdog says the tylan 50 worked on it well. Hold on to your wallet when you buy it but it is good stuff and worth the cost.
  • I guess I've been very lucky with the birds. The only issue I've had is a little Coccidiosis and was able to knock that out very quickly.
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