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BB Reds, Anyone have pics?



  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • I could use a couple nice female line females.
  • It'll cost you some alligator burger Wayne. They ain't cheap!
  • I have a question kdog about the bb female you have there and breeding for males. With that heavy of striping would the males not have some in the neck? I don't raise bb's but that's how I keep from having striping in my gingers is to breed females with the smallest amount of striping. I went to herman woody's place one time and he said he liked to use the snow capped female for the same reason. Thanks.
  • Don't have a big problem with it here. Only on occasion but we all have that issue. Andy told me in his line the black in saddle and hackle would come when he used males with shafts in sickles were black all the way down to skin. I do believe shafting in females and lack of hackle and saddle striping are related. But that is just my theory.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Here is a question? My brood cocks have great wingbows. I am not seeing that kind of wingbows on my young birds? I know they are still young and could still maybe come in, but right now I would have to say they are weak. Is there something that I should look for in the hens that could help or maybe hinder the development in the wingbows of the offspring?
  • I would be looking for females with a brickish red tint in the shoulders and week in stippling there also. In other words color does not match the back like it suppose to.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    kdog can you post some pics. so we can understand more of what you are saying? Thanks
  • Will try and to get pictures in a day or so. But you need to know there is a downside to this. Very often when you have males that have really good wing bow color as cockerels will get red in breast and body as young cocks so they may not be showbirds as cocks. This is not always and just something you may have to tolerate. Have seen birds week in bow as cockerels come back decent(not perfect but acceptable) wing bow color. This is how my Barnes birds are and Andy will tell you that himself. Don't know how other lines react but would imagine them to be simular. If you want birds that hold their black bodies a couple years then you just got to breed birds with okay wingbow but not outstanding.
  • Kdog is right about the wing bow. If you want a heavy wing bow as a cockerel, I've found that those birds molt out as cocks with red in the chest. Makes it difficult to show cocks. My older cocks that are black in the breast generally have satisfactory but not outstanding wing bows.
  • edited August 2012
    Here are two cockerels that havee show potential.They have been in the conditioning pen about 3 weeks now. The first is older and really showing good red edging in primaries when wing is spread. The second one is a month younger bird and needs more time to body out and I just dubbed him last week, He should be coming around the time of the nationals. These two birds came out the same mating. Same dad but mom could be one of 3. Had to move them to a different pen a put a female in to perk them up for the photo.LOL Wings are usually higher and tighter. They are dropping them to strut for the female in there.

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    448 x 336 - 34K
  • When was these hatched?
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • 1st one was a late December or early January hatch and the second one was February. There dad is a 2010 cock that just happens to be a brother to the cockerel I am sending you. They got some body now but need more time in my conditioning program to really finish out. They still feel a little soft.
  • Well, they are looking good.
    Richard Gumbert was here this morning and had good words to say about you.
    we had a nice visit. seems to really like the hobby.
  • Never met but have corresponded thru email. See I sent him some decent foundation stock to get started. If my memory is correct the male I sent him had a black band and is out of the same pen as these two.
  • He was high on the birds he got from you.
    I sent him home with a couple of culls.
  • Wayne, the best BB Red Trio I have ever owned came in a box from Lousianna and yes he has a black band on him and the hen he is with. I have the other hen with my 3 year old Barnes Cock Bird. I have a few chicks from the black bands and a few eggs from the othe pair under a setting hen. I will have a good start for next years BB breeding season.

    Bill, I would take a cull from your place anyday, they could only help my yard.

    It is really starting to look like the birds from both of you and Keith Thomas from Mckinney, Texas will be the birds that will improve my stock if not replace them all together.
  • Here is a picture of him.
    Wayne Melacon K.jpg
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  • He looks really nice! Is he the one from Wayne?
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