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BB Reds, Anyone have pics?



  • edited March 2012
    This is one of our 2011 hatched cockerels.
    S7300012 (600x450).jpg
    600 x 450 - 133K
  • Another 2011 cockerel
    IMG-20111113-00425 (447x600) (447x600).jpg
    447 x 600 - 115K
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    southernsickles those are some nice bbreds. What line are they?
  • Thanks,Most of our BB Reds go back to the breeders that we got from Mr Joiner.
  • They are nice Jamie!
  • Good birds southernsickles! I'm hoping to get a few pics of mine on here if I can get my wife to take them for me.
  • thats a nice male jamie
  • Thank's guy's.Im not very good at taking pictures.I have a few more males that I have saved to let cock out for this fall.I am anxious to see how they come back.
  • I'm pretty sure he's female line. real short back and huge chest. looks nothing like my male lines.
  • Unfortunately there are many factors on female line bb reds than just the back and chest.. certain coloring. To many factors to list with out seeing him in person. I do like him though.
  • Here are photos of 4 of the 6 males I used this year. One is a 2011 cockerel I am trying and the rest are 2010 cocks.
    1024 x 768 - 78K
    1024 x 768 - 106K
    1024 x 768 - 119K
    1024 x 768 - 94K
    1024 x 768 - 125K
    1024 x 768 - 115K
    1024 x 768 - 148K
  • Good looking males kdog! They all look like Barnes birds too.
  • Barry, they better look like Andy's birds. 2 of them were bred and shown by Andy and cost me big bucks to get them in my breeding program. One is the bird that was best BB and 3rd best OE at the Shawnee national. Remember pictures don't always tell the story. Can you figure out which is the bird that won in Shawnee? Got plenty of younguns from him.
  • Looking good Jamie. And Wayne they are all nice. I hope i get some nice ones this year.
  • Here is some of my breeder males this year. One 2011 sheriff line and the rest is all Andy's line. I am single mating them so i can keep track of which hen produce what offsrings.
    319 x 240 - 41K
    241 x 198 - 35K
    319 x 240 - 40K
    320 x 240 - 47K
  • They all look good Terry. Is the Sherriff bird the one in the top left corner. He looks like he is a shade darker then Andy's birds.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Wayne, my guess is picture #5 on "Which is the Shawnee Cockerel". Terry, nice birds buddy. I really like your pic #4. He reminds me of my 4yo bird.
  • Starting top left and numbering left to right pictures 1 and 2 are of a cock I bred. 3 and 4 are of the cock I bought from Andy that he turned down selling it to Keith Procter, 5 is a 2011 cockerel I raised and 6 and 7 are of the cock that was best BB at Shawnee. Told you pictures just don't do them justice. Wayne
  • Thank's Terry.Those bird's of yours are nice.Hey Wayne,Have those pullet's been laying ok for you?
  • Jamie, Those pullets layed well and are on a break right now. Got a few babies from them and the good cock from Shawnee. Had alot more but lost quite a few to cocci before I got it undercontrol. Waiting to see them start back and hatch more.
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