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Blue Quail Standards

I have hatched a few blue quail and was thinkin about showing them but I'd like to know more about the standards if you wouldn't mind helping me out it'd be much appreciated.


  • Blue quail is not a recognized variety. I would breed toward the quail standard and just replace black with blue. As far as knowing more about the standard I would look into buying a standard so that it can always be referred too as needed.
  • Thanks dusty. I appreciate it.
  • What do you think about these?
    1632 x 918 - 487K
    1632 x 918 - 462K
    1632 x 918 - 547K
    1632 x 918 - 558K
    1632 x 918 - 594K
  • Is her color alright?
    1296 x 728 - 294K
  • Here she is again
    2592 x 1456 - 605K
    2592 x 1456 - 740K
  • I don't know much about the quail coloring, but they seen to be decent birds. Where did you get them.
  • I bread my blue quail sport to my quail hens and I raised these.
  • She`s a pretty little hen Matthew!
  • Thanks Garrett!
  • I'd like to see the parents. I've never seen a blue quail sport
  • Neat there color looks good ..... I told you that before though ... she is a little on the light side .... but still look the part .... I like her ...
  • They look just like thoses Janice Payne had There going to come light and dark just like most Blue varitys
  • I'll try to post a pic ASAP.
  • Thanks marvin
  • edited October 2012
    No problem Matt By the way Janice Breed for the lighter colored birds and That Sport is throwing just that ... Alot I've seen are to dark with almost black tails .... You done good You did'nt have no Sports this year right ???
  • so we are supposed to breed toward a lighter blue standard rather than darker blue? Mine are all pretty dark but definitely not black.
  • You know I realy don't Know the lady I got mine from and thoughs he has are out of her Line She liked them on the lighter side If you look at the wing feathers and tails feathers on his pics there both about the same color of blue even the little pullet he has the body color is lighter ...But what Janice liked .... This varity is about like the Lemons Its gonna come down two your likes .... And by the way is the most important one .... and the Judges ....ones gonna like it one way and another the other .... Sport to Blue will make them lighter ....The best I rasied was out of a F3 blue sport male to F1 Quial hens .... Thats what Matt got his Sport Breeder male is out of a Sport to Blue cross of mine ....
  • Type over color though
  • Im still learning on that one .... lol
  • I think the third cockerel is the one I like most. I like that he's a light blue even into his hackle.
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