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Here are a few of the many unrecognized varieties. Please post pictures of them if you have them and let us know if someone is working on them. I know some of these have been a hot topic, but I thought it would be nice to have them all in one post. Let me know if there are errors or additions to the list.

Barred Buff
Barred Quail
Blue Crele
Blue Ginger Red
Blue Millie
Blue Mottled
Blue Spangled
Blue Tailed Buff
Blue Quail
Buff Laced
Chocolate Brassy Back
Chocolate Millie
Choclate Mottled
Fawn Ginger Red
Fawn Millie
Fawn Red
Fawn Quail
Golden Birchen
Golden Campine Pattern
Golden Laced
Golden Neck
Mealy Grey
Red Fawn
Red Quil
Silver Campine Pattern
Silver Crele
Silver Ginger
Silver Laced
Strawberry Quail
Silver Quil
Silver Wheaten
Weshown Spangled
White Laced Red
White Quail
White Tailed Red
White Tail buffs


  • Wow that is quite the list I'm pushing the chocolates. What all is involved in getting a color recognized
  • The only thing I know about that is it takes a lot of work and I think several breeders have to be involved. Someone that is better informed will post some information for us I am sure.
  • LOL You done good Electro Heres a few more to add ........ Fawn Quail - Strawberry Quail - White Quail - Blue Millie - Fawn Millie - Chocolate Millie - White Tail buffs - Weshown Spangled - Pumpkins - Blue mottled - Choclate Mottled - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Not counting the Sebrites OEs that I know are being worked on ....
  • Wow thanks Marvin!! I would like to see the Strawberry Quail, Pumpkins and well all of them!!
  • Got them added. The seabrites are Golden Laced and Silver Laced to the best of my knowledge.
  • Thats right I'm sorry
  • edited October 2012
    Now that would Drive a Judge crazy If all thoughs showed up at the same show one day .... lol
  • Chocolate Hen
    960 x 541 - 75K
  • edited October 2012
    Porcelain Cock
    960 x 873 - 140K
  • I think 1/2 a dozen might do the trick.
  • Pearl's
    960 x 720 - 155K
  • Keep em coming Tim :)
  • Chocolate Brassy Back
    816 x 612 - 145K
  • I think thats the pictures I have of what I owned. I still have chocolates and my partner has the pearls and chocolates also.. sold the Porcelains.
  • dont forget silver blues!!!
  • Silver Blue is a recognized variety one of the 34. Thanks for posting the pictures they are a first for me.
  • edited October 2012
    thats right Cocky said Allen St.. Is master breeder in them.. How do u delete a post after u post?
  • Ask the admin or you can edit it.
  • Now every Blue - Fawn - And Chocolate posted has sports you might as well add that number too .... To be truthfull with you I like some of the sports better that then there counter parts .... So do alot of others
  • I have a question. I am wondering if a person likes an unrecognized color does he try to create it from scratch or if like ideal poultry has a color do you get some from them and try to improve quality. I know they have like blue quail (I know I got some ) but is that better to then from them and go. The one that served the snake was beautiful. I was real new and she probably needed changing but over all she was nice. It just seem hard to start from sratch then getting some already pretty good.
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