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  • Go for it Richard and it might be nice if they posted a pic of the different ones as they are named.
  • The list of colors out there in both recognized and unrecognized varieties of Old English is quite abundant. Don't see anything wrong with that if a person wants to stay with it and focused on finishing what they started. Gotta excercize some discipline though. Don't flood the market with a bunch of crap to the beginners. Kill what needs killing. Keep the birds amongst a few guys who will work for the betterment and when you get near what you want, then start to put a few in the hands of the interested people. With the beauty of colors in the poultry world the number of varieties is tremondous. What about the Lakenvelder color or silver spangled as in the hamburgs (a white bird with black spangles). What about Partridge or Silver Penciled. The list could go on and on but it will take a lifetime of dedication for a few good men or women to accomplish it. Not trying to discourage anyone but some of those colors are just not my idea of a game chicken color. I really believe time would be better spent on the ones that have already been started to get those right. Please don't take offense by my response. The question is how many is too much and if it is perfectly ok to disagree with me but if you didn't want to here my answer you should not have asked the question. Wayne
  • I am good with that answer Wayne. You make me think when you say, "some of those colors are just not my idea of a game chicken color". Because my Idea of what a game would look like would be very limited to just a few varieties; excluding some that have already been recognized. I could search the internet and find all sorts of unrecognized varieties, but what I am more interested in are the varieties that have been started but not yet recognized. Maybe the list needs to be limited to just the varieties that people in this group are aware that someone is working on to improve. Just thought it would be fun to see all of them. I will try to get a list together. If someone will look it over and edit it before it is shared that would be appreciated.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Not sure there is a decent answer, but I will say this, as many as you could make right with the emphasis on right.... so I hope my answer doesn't offend anyone...
  • Two quotes come to mind:

    There are no cull OE- just new varieties......

    Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.......
  • I think that all the different colors are simply beautiful on a good, typed bird. I just don't have the pens or stamina to raise more than two or three colors. For this reason, I chose the BB Red in male and female lines.
  • I am with you Barry, for me 2 is enough, BB females and wheatens. I love the color of a wheaten and the BB red female line, although I love to look at ALL the oe varieties nothing more beautiful than a good type oe bantam.
  • You have got it right Ken.
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