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Marek's Disease

scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
edited September 2012 in Product Reviews
Does anyone know anything about this poultry virus? Can it be vaccinated for and if so what?


  • They have a vaccine which has to be used on chicks. I think Smith Poultry Supply sells it.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    duckwing, you are correct. They need to be vaccinated as soon as they are hatched. The vaccine has to reach them before the Marek's does. I thought I would put this up just to see how many people vaccinate for it? I dont. But, maybe I should? Not sure if Smith's sells vaccine or not?
  • edited September 2012
    Marek’s Disease Smith's Poultry
    Birds 6 to 9 months old - enlarged, red feather follicles or white bumps on skin that fi\orm a brown crusty scab; lack of coordination, pale skin, wing or leg paralysis (one leg points forward & the other poins back under the body), rapid weight loss, coma, death due to trampling or inability to get to feed and water; in breeds having reddish bay eyes - cloudy, grayish dilated pupil.
    None, cull unless you’re breeding for resistance. Day-old birds can be vaccinated. Check with state poultry specialist for advice on vaccines
    Med-Vac CFL Pfizer 1000 doses live virus vaccine for Marek’s Disease for use only on one-day-old chicks; administered subcutaneously in the back of the neck.
    Vaccines and Pullorum Antigen will be shipped only on Monday. During hot weather shipments going to zone 3, 4, and 5 must be shipped 2nd day air. Shipments to zones 6, 7, and 8 must be shipped next day air. Plan on being available to accept shipments when they are delivered. The price of vaccines & antigen includes ice pack/s & instructions for using. Upon receipt, refrigerate the vaccines & antigen until using. Vaccines & Antigen cannot be returned. Due to the UPS no refund policy on perishable products, we will not be responsible for any vaccine or antigen once it is shipped unless the shipment is lost and never found by UPS. UPS will not issue a refund on items that arrive “hot” so plan ahead and order when the weather is cooler.

  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    edited September 2012
    Thanks Bill, I did not see the Med-vac when I was looking. Bill do you vaccinate for Mareks? And what does subcutaneously mean? I was wanting to know how many people vaccinate, but maybe it is taboo to talk about Mareks.LOL
  • I have a couple of Sebrights that are very prone to get Mareks if not vaccinated! I have never picked up any sighns of Mareks at my OE!...
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    edited September 2012
    Lol I looked it up.
    subcutaneous- beneath the skin.

    I knew I should have paid more attention to my Anatomy Instructor.haha
  • I have not to this point but have considered it. Strong enough to go and check it out. There are some problems associated with it such as 1000 dose vials and the fact they have to be done as day old chicks. Subcu means under the skin and not in the muscle or veins. You just pull up the skin and slide the needle under it. Very easy to give but one thing I am not sure about but being a mlv or modified live virus I think you have to use all of the vaccine when it is mixed so that means you would have to have a bottle on hand for every hatch. I think there are guidelines to help you make the choice. For instance if you are getting less than 5% it would probably not be feasable but if you are losing 25% it definately would be an option to look at. I do not shun the fact that I occasionally have one as do most folks now and then. When I recognize one I immediately dispose of it. Out of 800 to 1,000 or so chicks I think I disposed of 5 or so. So it really is not probably going to be something I mess with. If it was like the Pox vaccine a once yearly deal I would probably go for it because I do think immunizations are good. Also if it were in smaller doages I might think of it also, for instance 25 dose vials where you bought 50 or so of them and could mix as the need arose. If you could do that for the price of $2.00 a vial or so it might be ok. However if you was only saving 5 to 10 chickens for 100.00 it might be better to just lose the chickens.
    My 2 cents on it anyway.
  • I use to vaccinate my birds for it and was told not to from several different breeders, they told me that your birds could built up an amunite to it and if you vaccinate you would have to do it all the time.
  • There right Bantam same as fowl pox Once you start you better not stop from what the state woman told me ....
  • I always vaccinate for fowl pox though I keep a new vile in the fridge Had a bad go with fowl pox once ....
  • Can any birds build an imunity once they contract a desease and survive. Do birds that overcome Fowl Pox or a rspritory desease become imune to the desease?
  • We dont have much problem with the fowl pox here, i hade 2 birds a couple years back that had a little in the corner of there mouth and i gave all my birds some sumit and put plenty on the spots of the two that had it and ive never had any more problems.
  • Once the birds have had fowl pox then their immune system has reacted to the virus and will fight it off in the future, kinda the same thing with parvovirus in a dog. If a pup survives parvovirus it will not get it a second time. Some respitory diseases and viruses will remain with the birds for life making them a "carrier" of that virus or disease. With anything you vaccinate be it a horse, cow, dog, cat, chicken, etc.... you need to re vaccinate it every year with a booster. Modified Live Virus vaccine is that, it is Modfied to prevent the animal from actually contracting the disease. It let's the body react to the disease in a manner that is safe for the animal. With ANY vaccine it should be kept cold and used within 24 hrs of mixing the vaccine. I suggest contacting any vaccine distributor and make sure that they are confident that they can get the vaccine to you COLD. I had to order fowl pox vaccine twice this year because the first supplier did not package it right and did not use appropriate shipping. So it does happen.
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