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Ginger Red



  • Here's a pic of the maleimage
    2448 x 3264 - 2M
  • His color is nice, one thing to watch is that the shafts in the tail should be black. When I get the black out of the hackle the color shafts start, so it's a fine line to play
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    Anyone in northeast Texas have ginger reds?
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
    troy vannoy collinsville,tx.
  • gilbertaron08gilbertaron08 Durant Oklahoma
    Yea he for back with me, thank you
  • Ok thanks, Dusty
  • Fifteen or twenty years ago orange shafting in the tail of both male and female was a problem. Seems to be much better now. One thing that seems to be lost on the males of today is the lacing on the tail coverts. A big problem with females of today is brown eyes.
  • preacherrustypreacherrusty eastern NC
    edited November 2015
    With GR chicks, are there any distinct markings to tell if they're male or female?
  • ArmstrongOEGBArmstrongOEGB Coldwater, Michigan
  • ArmstrongOEGBArmstrongOEGB Coldwater, Michigan
    Thoughts please. Third is the dad to the pullet and cockerel.
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  • ArmstrongOEGBArmstrongOEGB Coldwater, Michigan
  • Do you think these Ginger Reds will get any darker? Especially the males. Looking like black tail buffs right now .....
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  • As they get their sex feathers in they should darken up
  • Thanks Dusty.. the parents are on the light side, so hoping these won't get too much lighter than those are
  • I wouldn't plan on them being a lot different than the parents but I do get some varying shades from mine
  • One of the Ginger K I will have at Nationals
    564 x 577 - 118K
  • Nice bird Black
  • Thanks James
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