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Ginger Red



  • Finally get a male that I like and hes rietailed, but still 4th krl out of 16 at calhoun
    1355 x 1237 - 1M
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • edited December 2014
    Tracy im gettn to much tail and they leaning on me. Or it might be this kansas wind :-)
  • How long have you been working with the ginger reds Willie?
  • Nicely colored bird gamereaper.
  • edited December 2014
    Too cold to lay bricks so figured I'd share some pics
    Male line project krl
    1389 x 1591 - 2M
  • First bird male line . Undubbed krls female line
    1250 x 1131 - 672K
    2275 x 2173 - 3M
  • BB at Sedila MO.
    2204 x 2129 - 3M
  • Here are a couple poor pictures of an unfinished cockerel but he's looking great so far I think.
    2014-12-02 03.35.07.jpg
    2164 x 1218 - 1M
  • .
    2335 x 1923 - 2M
  • Looking good guys
  • Those are nice birds !!
  • How's the color / type on this hen? Is she 'washed out' in color?
    912 x 960 - 106K
  • She should have hackle striped with black.The back should be ginger yellow stippled with black same for shoulders, fronts, bow and converts.eye color red.
  • Ok. I saw some talk on here about how some GR's can get 'washed out' color. And I've seen some much darker than mine so I wondered if that applied to her. But they seem to vary a lot in color. Thanks
  • She almost looks to have a red will pattern to me, not ginger. Do you have the parent stock?
  • No I do not. The man I got this pair from had been working on Silver Gingers. So this one is probably out of that project (?)
  • I might try her in a male line pen if she were mine. The clear hackle could help your males.
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