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show us ur pictures of ur brown red and lemon blues

Hope u guys can post some good pics on ur best looking brown reds and lemon blues


  • Heres a few have allot more.
    1331 x 1539 - 581K
    1632 x 912 - 575K
    800 x 480 - 115K
  • Nice Tim!
    448 x 336 - 113K
  • Thanks for posting pics Tim and Ruger u guys have great birds if u guys have any more pics please show us some more keep up the good job...:-)
  • Lyle King line.
    1632 x 912 - 493K
  • Took these yesterday waiting on tails.
    678 x 478 - 39K
  • Another breeding pen.
    800 x 480 - 111K
  • U have really nice birds tim have any for sale
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    x ..
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    Thank you Tim for sharing those nice pics of the birds. They look great and the little cockerels are looking tops too. I agree with Marvin tht cock bird looks great!
    I also like the Lemon Blues!
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    Thanks guys. Im in Tampa today but will try to get my 2 other brn red breeding pen pics tomorrow.
  • Here's a brownred hen of mine. 2010 Hatch
    1600 x 1200 - 842K
  • Heres a cock bird 2010 hatch also. Marvin Roach took him home about a week ago.
    1024 x 877 - 214K
  • Here's a lemonblue hen 2010 hatch that I won a little with last year, I think she's better this year, ill try and get a newer pic of her.
    830 x 663 - 171K
  • Jeff, those look super nice! How about some Self Blue pictures? Reckon you might find time for them?
  • I know these ain't browns and lemons but blame Bill. He's gonna be a little better this year I think, the other is a pullet.
    Self blue K.jpg
    1648 x 1193 - 615K
    902 x 939 - 306K
  • Heres another one.
    SB 2.jpg
    1136 x 861 - 380K
  • U have really nice birds simpsonandhowell i have really nice brownred pullets they r still young let them get a little older and ill post some pics. I still need to buy a brownred male still looking..
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    Jeff, when you send me mine are you going to send instructions with them on how to keep that feather quality? Those are what I would have thought you would have, very nice!
  • hey jeff, we don't have a self blue, can we borrow that hen? lol
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