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Barrel Pens

edited August 2012 in Made from Scratch
I've seen several posts where people mention 'barrel' pens. I'm familiar with what these look like when used for 'full size' game birds but could someone post pics or send me to a site where I could see these used for bantams?

Thanks, Rodney


  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    ginncock, I have a few barrel that I use and am very happy with them. I would suggest that in the summertime to place them in plenty of shade. There is another thread on this forum that has a few pictures. scratch
  • Ok guys I have A question Is there a draw back in the winter having both ends open As they look like they would cause a draft I would like to try some but I am a little leery
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Bill I use mine occasionally to grow birds out. Generally in the winter time they are empty. But I would have no problem with keeping a bird in a barrel pen in the winter. I would just turn the open ends towards the east and west.
  • Thanks scratch.
  • Bill you could fix something to block wind a couple inches behind opening to block wind?
  • It has a roof over it now I love them . Under the shade trees in fla and still stay cool
    2448 x 3264 - 3M
  • What if I put them down the back side of my brooder house and leave a 12 inch space between the building and the back of the barrel they would be in the shade in the summer and have the building to block the wind in the winter.
  • I am building a 45 foot long barn and intend on building 2 double rows of 10 down the center and if my plans are correct i will have 40 pens in a 22x 7 area not bad i dont think. Also as you can see my frame will probably close in the bottoms for 10+ pens
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