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  • edited March 2012
    Tim those are very nice Whites and I had saw them posted before and someone said I just keep coming back to this picture and I can see why. She is so nice and the picture is great. I need to get to the barn and take me some more pictures to share. I hope a lot of people share photos because the interest doubles with photos. very nice birds.
  • edited March 2012
    I am still interested in someone talking about their knowledge of the stay white gene. I have been doing some work on mine and some of them had the gene when I got them, but I would be able to save a lot of time and error if there was someone willing to share their experiences with me.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Tim, thanks for posting. I new that you had some nice whites. Hey Bill I have made about a half a dozen shows and the last three I have shown. There is a small percentage of me that shows for compatition and there is a big percentage that shows because I like to look at everyone elses birds and also visit with a bunch of great people. Hey if that offer is extended, I would love to come and look at your birds.
  • It is extended and you are welcome. It wouldn't be a good time for the next few days as my barn is flooded this morning and so it will take a while to get it back in shape. we have probably had 5 inches or so here and it still looks as though it will rain all day long. At least the birds are high and dry. this site is nice and I hope it just continues to get better.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    Bill is that white McGraw female you posted for sale?
  • No I have her in the breeding getting some chicks, I Should have some nice ones to sell here in a while. I have 3 breeding pens of them, we will see
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Bill I understand about the rain. I think my chickens are learning the back stroke. When things dry up and we get all this hatching out of the way. I will get up there on a day that is convenient for you. I will bring ole cockofthewalk with me but you will have to watch him. He will be trying to put those good birds in his pocket.LOL
  • That would be great. If he needs to put what I have in his pocket he is hurting. I saw that Lemon Blue he put on here. Y'all come anytime.
  • Is there anyone who is going to visit about the silver gene in Whites or am I asking something noone wants to talk about? I sure would rather have a silver gene in my whites as a creme Old english so I am trying to work on this problem. The plain white sure does get Brassy when they are in the sun.
  • I'm still learning about geenes in the whites so I can't comment on that.
  • I sure hope someone will share their experiences on it.
  • cockofthewalkcockofthewalk Mead, Oklahoma
    I don't have the the ability to speak with any knowledge either Bill.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Bill you might talk to JW Hymer. If he doesnt know? than he can put you in contact with Jr. Jenkins, a friend of his that raises some killer whites. Jr. won 2 maybe three shows this season with them.
  • I know the MaGraws I have have it and the Mike Green also, but I want to put it in all my whites.
  • Like I said, I have some experiments going down this year and so next year I will know more about it.
  • That bb red male looks nice, do u got any of them for sale?
  • Yes I do have some for sale. Thanks for asking. Where areyou located?
  • Ridgeville, IN... can u ship and send pics in a email?
  • Sorry Josh, My chickens are Okies and it would make them terribly mad at me to send them in a big ole airplane somewhere. lol, The actual truth is I do not ship birds. It is not that I Couldn't but I just haven't gotten into that and I hope not to.
    I do appreciate the interest though.
  • I am still looking for some comments on Whites and more pictures if anyone has any to share. I know there are a lot of goodens out there if y'all will share with us. lol
    Does anyone know anything or have any pics of the Clanton Whites available?
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