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Problems in hatching eggs?



  • I think I fixed my problem this week I hatched 39 out of 49 eggs 25 short legs and 14 long leg that ant bad for japs,it was the temperature,thanks for all the advice you think I would know all this but when you get old you forget a lot that you learned over the years.
  • Hens not bator is what we're doing

  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.


  • Set 35 in the last week

  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon

    Ive got close to 50 of my Birchens...a few more eggs in bator from a select couple matings...and thats it!!...Im hoping i get some good ones for my efforts


  • I just loaded 95 eggs in my new incubator mainly to make sure it works, It will be my last batch if it works. I built it the same deminsions as the 1202 sportsman and am using a incubator warehouse thermostat it is holding 99.5 temp exactly  

  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    Have to start hatching again lost half of my chick crop
  • What happened nboon
  • Another great hatch 34 out of 46 eggs 23 shorties and 11 long three more hatches to go better late than none.
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