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Problems in hatching eggs?



  • Your humidity could be too high during the first 18 days or you could have a weak strain. Female line BB Reds have trouble hatching like that.
    I have been weighing eggs and the data agrees with your statement about humidity. I opened vents some more about a week ago. I am seeing it in both black and wheaten pens, though it seems to be more prevalent in the blacks.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • How good have your hatches been Tracy? Were they female line? I candled 25 eggs Monday and have 22 fertile. I'm hopeful.
  • Barry that is great fertility. my fertility is improving also. maybe I will have a few in a day or two.
  • Let me know how your hatch comes out Ken.
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • Mine have sunny side up syndrome.
  • I really don't remember this being this hard. 150 eggs candled at 7 days have yielded 16 healthy chicks out of 27 hatched. Every egg that was supposed to hatch this week- didn't. Not a pip. I suspected this would happen when I candled them at 14 and 18 days. Strange fertility trends - two weeks of 0% fertility out of two pens.
  • Do any of y'all use hens to hatch? A seebright breeder suggested that i use big games. Any suggestions on how to make them go broody?
  • I use silkie crosses, very broody and gentle. Standard games little rough on eggs and chicks.
  • I agree with fun standard games will break the OE eggs. Plus silkies I have had silkies hatch 3 straight batches of eggs before they quit....I always pulled the chicks when they hatched and supplied her with fresh eggs.
  • edited May 2015
    Thank you. I thought y'all might say that, but man those silkies r hard to look at. Crossed on what? Why crosses? How do you encourage them to set?
  • Hard to beat a wyandotte bantam for a setter. You gotta use come-a-long to get them off the nest and they are alot easier on the eyes than a Silkie. I would pull eggs off 2 days before and hatch in bator and put fresh ones under her and she would set for 3 months or more.
  • Quai Belgians are the best sitters I have ever had. Light enough they don't break the eggs. Sit on anything. Can't hardly break them up I put 10 OE eggs under them.
  • I had standard games (real game chickens) for 40 yrs. and never had a problem with them being hard on eggs or chicks but seem to be rough on any varmint that got close. I usually had a 100 or more hens and pullets running loose just for this purpose.
  • I still have real game, I don't set bantam eggs under them.
  • Sorry guys but I prefer the incubator for my hatching. Its just less trouble for me than fooling with setting hens. I've had hens that quit the nest, killed or crushed the chicks, or flew up on a roost and left them on the floor. My incubator and brooder are totally under my control.
  • Lol I'm with you Barry. When your finished hatching its not eating are taking up pen space.
  • This has been the worst year of hatching that I ever had, I bet I've thrown away 500 fertile jap eggs and anybody that ever bred japs knows how hard it is to get fertile eggs,eggs start then die about a week later,first two hatches were great then it all went south,I think I found the problem the thermometer was two and a half degrees off.
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