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Problems in hatching eggs?



  • I am also using the paper flats to hold my eggs. Do you think that may cause a problem with air circulation?
    I use the yellow plastic ones, they allow for better air circulation, are easier to sterilize, Try a oxygen meter or CO2 meter in your incubator for a few minutes that will tell you if you have a ventilation or oxygen content problem.
  • If you are using paper egg trays scratch, have you cut holes in the bottom? If you have not done that, you are not getting any air flow at all.
  • Scratch I would defiantly order some of the plastic 30 egg trays, I think I got mine from Flemming outdoors, They are not very expensive and are easy to sanitize, I put my eggs in them and spray eggs and tray with diluted Novasan, last year I used Brunsia egg wash and disinfectant and had about the same results as this year but when I ran out of the egg wash last year I sure noticed a drop in hatchability.
  • Ernie,
    If you need some or want to try them first come by I will give you a few. If you don't like them bring them back, I will also give you some Oxine if you will bring a bottle.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Thanks Carl. I am calling Smith's first thing Monday morning. Should get some in pretty quick. I think my problem is the temp. and the air flow. We will see. Thanks again.
  • I use paper and plastic trays and have no issue with either and I don't cut the white holes in the bottom either. But I usually throw them away after each use because of bacteria. I have different views on cleaning the eggs. I don't set really dirty eggs but I don't wash them either. Was told washing them takes the protective film of the egg. But I have hatched both ways and noticed no difference either way.
  • Tim,
    I fully agree washing, rubbing or otherwise mechanically removing debris from an egg will affect the coating on the egg. when sanatizing hatching eggs one can dip and allow to air dry or mist and allow to air dry, I mist my eggs and have for years. It works for me I know not everyone does this but I beleive it helps in my hatch rates and chick mortality.
  • When your young birds are put in the brooder, give them water that includes a probiotic in it for the first week. It will really help your chicks get off to a good start. I've hatched 183 so far and only lost one using a good probiotic vitamin.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Barry when you say probiotic vitamin? Are you talking about something like Vi-Tal?
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Things are looking up. I have one bbred that popped out of the shell about an hour ago. Fist chick of the season for me. I believe my problem was low temp. on the inc.
  • Alright! sounds like you have things going your way! Hope you get you a bunch hatched as I may want you to share some with me. The vitamin supplement that I use is Rooster Booster. It has the Probiotic in it and usually if they do have they will say it on the label. It is like Dried Lactobycillus etc. Put the good bugs back. some use yogart or some use buttermilk for the probiotics. simply said it is cultured bacteria for sound intestines.
  • edited March 2012
    I use the Georgia Quail Farm Multiple Vitamins that include avian probiotics in their mix. The probiotic has to be Avian bacteria or it will not do the chicks any good. Yogurt is manufactured for human comsumption and made from bovine products. It will pass right through the gut of a fowl. Hope this helps scratch. If you use a probiotic, don't use city water to mix it or it will kill the bacteria. Use well water or better yet distilled water.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    It is just a matter of time now! I recieved my plastic egg trays from Smith Poultry today. Cant wait to get them in the Bator.
  • i use sugar about a teaspoon to a quart of water , for the ist week , works great sugar is actually an antiseptic , you can put it on a wound to prevent infection a lot of people use red cell , mix it with apple cider vinegar and add to your water , it increases the gut acidity , raven
  • edited April 2012
    Hey Scratch, how is the new inc working? is it holding the right temp and humidity?
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Bill the Hova-Bator is working great. Hopefully here in about 15 days I will update the post with pics of chicks. Im am getting plenty of eggs now. Started alittle slow but they are laying like gang-busters now! I gathered about 40 eggs Fri.-Mon.
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    Ohh, Bill what is the most eggs you have put in your Hova-bator. I have 40 in mine but I think it would hold easily another 40 eggs?
  • You will have to ask someone else because I use a GQF. Each tray holds 118 eggs and I load it up. Now I am beginning to be very selective what I put in as I have all I want from some of the lines I am breeding and too many of some. I have about 450 hatched so I have chicks everywhere. I built 6 new 4x5 growing pens this year and have 5 of them full and have 6 smaller brooders full of babies. I still have over 300 eggs in the incubator with a hatch coming off each week. I guess I am thankful I don't have the size incubator Carl has or I would be drowning in chicks. I want to go look at his operation. He has invited me up and I hope to get there pretty soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks.
  • Scratch It is time to update us on the incubator! Were the eggs fertile that you set or haveyou candled yet? Is it still holding and working well?
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    The hatching is getting better. Yesterday I got these babies out of the hatcher. 36 out of 43! Things are looking better.
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