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Supplements for Breeders

I have recently selected and set my breeders in their pens! Is there anything that I can give them through their breeding-season?


  • wheat germ oil will boost hatchability and chick vitality use about 2 oz of wheat germ oil for 2 lbs of feed.
  • I used a product called Breeder Solution from Twin City Poultry Supply and had good results.
  • wheat germ oil will boost hatchability and chick vitality use about 2 oz of wheat germ oil for 2 lbs of feed.
    Hai Cjarvis, I could only find "wheat germ" in its flake form and not oil! Can I mix this into the food with same results??
  • I would imagine the wheat germ has had the oil extracted. If you have an equine (horse) feed supplier in the area they will very likely have it.
  • thanks, will try the horse feed suppliers!
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    edited July 2012
    I think Tractor Supply carries it.
  • wheat germ oil will boost hatchability and chick vitality use about 2 oz of wheat germ oil for 2 lbs of feed.
    It is difficult and expensive to buy this pure wheat germ oil! Do y'all use pure or is it diluted with Soy oil? Smith's shows $37.00 for 1 gallon of pure but what I have found around here is diluted.

  • dm it sure is taking you a long time to check out the horse suppliers! you didn't defect to horse raising did you? LOL
  • Bill, I use pure wheat germ oil it is a bit higher than the diluted but worth the little extra for the results. The affects of wheat germ oil are well documented by many universities there are articles listed on a certian bantam club website that detail this as well and list thier resources.
  • Thanks Carl. I have not found the pure locally but Smith's has it so I guess I will order some from them.
  • 0106158101061581 Claremore OK
    Do you just drizzle the wheat germ oil over their feed?
  • I mix it in a 3lb coffee can, with 3 oz. of oil let sit at least overnight after shaking well to allow the oil to soak into all the feed, then feed to the pens that need it.
  • Carl, I can see a difference in the chick pens after 24 hours and that is with the blended oil. One thing I noticed right off is they went for it like they were starving.
  • It will make a big difference in them as well as the amount of chick fuzz in the brooders too. Wheat germ oil, cod liver oil, soybean oil and other oils are very good for feather development, body development, and general enegry level of young birds. With breeders it aids in the yolk retaining additional vitamins, minerals, protiens and fats needed for embryo development.
  • Carl, maybe you should write us an article from breeding to hatch and one for hatch to show!
    There would be no hurry, just as you got to it put some things together. You give some very good information and I appreciate it.
  • I do not think I am qualified for such a task. But I would think a collective effort would be a good idea.
  • The qualifications are there but the time may not be with all your long hours.
  • Thank You for the compliment Bill, I definetly do not have the time at the moment but could likely work on something like that as a collective effort and pass on some of what I was taught over the years to the next generation, that is always a worthy cause.
  • I love it Carl! The next generations can sure use it but this generation could use your expertise also. I for one always try to keep learning things that are pertanent to what I am interested in. I would encourage you as you have time to start a new subject thread and add to it as you can. I will continuously follow it and try my best to keep a log on it.
    If Sherri would get involved in it she could fix an anouncement thing to keep it on top so we wouldn't lose it and all could learn from it and enjoy the hobby more.
    Thanks so much for all your help.
  • Does anyone have experience with Red Cell vitamin liquid for horses in drinking water?
    If so how do you mix it?
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