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Black Old English



  • This is one of cocky's I have been trying to steal. She needs to go to Boaz and show.
    1091 x 970 - 486K
  • Cocky do you still have old rat hole ? I have been doing ok and still kicking these old opals around, I'm going to try to make it to Dalton hope to see you there.
  • I am with raven on the breeding, you really have to look the females over before you set the pens up. just because it's a black does not make it a simple task. you have to try to balance out the male with the females you intend to use. big tail, loose feather, up in frount, narrow body, leg color, eye color, lots and lots of veritibles goes into setting up the breeders. this could be with any color. lol
    This is what us dummies need! Someone willing to talk to us about the breakdown of different things you are talking about. If you have specifics and simple instructions on these variables to share and possibly make and present some photos to represent what you are saying on those subjects I for one could sure appreciate it.
  • Ron That is Rat holes Daughter.
  • Not a master breeder by no means on the Blacks but I have raised a few super Females from a Male Line and some might THINK that that was just luck but I will share a tip here when it comes to breeding>>>it's not just what color or pattern that you may like best>>>BREED ONLY FROM THE BEST BIRDS that you can possibably get!!! Remember QUALITY before quanity...If I got 6 REAL GOOD OE...I STILL PICK THE VERY BEST ONES "ONLY"!!! Heck, I'll pic the best two!!! That little Black OE Female was raised by me, the one sitting on my arm...came from my best Hen and best Cock...PICKED BY ME!!! Careful culling out "the old Hens"...HER MOTHER THROWS TYPE...TYPE...TYPE!!! I will also tell ya the 2 things that I like the most>>>WING CARRIAGE{A MUST}. And THE 45o TAIL ANGLE!!! I work on those two things very hard. OOPS!!!>>>THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE OLD COCKY!!!
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    one thing
  • That is good information for me as I usually have kept my birds pure to the blood they are. I always try to cull and keep just those that excell in quality but have most always stayed in the same line just using Generation down and backs to make my outcrosses. I may start selecting like you are talking about comparing qualities or faults on the male and female and try matching for improvement and see how I get along. I have only crossed lines in breeding if I had a cock and no females I would get females of another line and cross that way. I am not at all offended by your writings as I don't show and have had very little opportunity to visit with those who do. Dewayne Ballard has given me lots and lots of good information over the last 25 years and has spent hours telling me the this and thats of how to do some of the things. Now that we are connected and I can visit with y'all who do the showing and breeding for sho I am a new comer to this type of breeding as before I was just breeding them to make birds for me to look at and didn't really know the intricate coloring and breeding practices so when you talk to me you can just assume you are talking to an ignorant redneck Okie trying to learn a little bit. Thanks JW and Cocky and others for the help!
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  • When I first started in showbirds I thought it would be easy boy was I wrong. There's so many things that go into a good bird. And I found out that you got to listen and ask questions. So thanks for giving ur thoughts and advice. You're blacks are outstanding.
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  • talk about a dumb okie how about a dumb tennesseean , on the chickens when you think you have it all figured out , it changes , no one has a lock on all of the information some people just wont listen , or they cant percieve what youre telling them , or they know more than you , when i talk to people who know more than me i shut up , but bill its always a learning process jw
    JW, The ability to know when to keep yer mouth shut and listen is a true sign of wisdom. You are a very wise man. Seen so many want to be part of a conversation that they would open their mouth and prove how little they know. THe key to learning is taking in all the information you can (good and bad) and let your mind process it. Then use the good stuff. OLd English type is OLd English type. If you take color away from all the varieties the birds should look the same. Walking thru a showroom and viewing the different varieties you really see several different types at present. Some varieties are easier to get simply because more people areworking on them and you have more places to turn to for improvements. Some varieties cross well to the better developed varieties so type improvements can be made. Blacks have been highly developed to the point some awesome specimans exist out there while others just a matter of fixing the small details. Others need some major work. None of it is easy or quick and will test the patience of a normal person. Understanding Old English type is probably the first step needed to take this journey to make a better bird and that is done by reading everything you can and listening to as many people as you can then processing the information in your mind. I sure don'y know everything but I do know how to listen when people speak and that is a key point in learning..
  • I never learned to read any music so when I want to sing a song, I have to hear it until my mind is tuned into the sound of it. After hearing it time after time I can then sing it as if I was reading the music.
    My mind works the same way on type of poultry, cattle, horses or whatever. You can tell me over and over what something should look like but until I get a mental picture of it I am lost. The pictures you put on for the BB's really did help me and the type you explained with the pictures made it easier for me to put that picture in my mind.
    I have been having trouble with the type picture in my mind as it is like JW said when he goes to the shows. What one places in his mind as THE TYPE and what another places in his is often 2 different things thus what he sees is a variety of types of birds gathered in one place.
    I am truly amazed at what I see pictures of as to what is supposedly the type Old English today as to what was supposedly the Old English of yesteryear were. I have heard it said that folks are getting carried away with the wing carriage thing and from what I see I tend to agree with that. I like for the wings to be held up tight and I like to see the thigh but I am not interested in seeing their side along with it.
    I have this mental picture in my mind of what I want to see mine look like and what Folks have told me they should look like but there are sure a lot of variations to what is seen in the mind of folks. If you look at the ads on here and the pictures of the different birds used in them you can see very quickly that this is sure different type.
    They may all answer the mind's concept of what the standard says but it sre does confuse my image of what I am supposedto be looking for.
    Bear in mind that I have in my mind and breed what I want to for me but with y'all it is different because you are going to compete against each other and have a man judge them that has yet another set of images in his mind. I have saw images that to me sure don't look much like an Old English but images are often deceiving.
    I guess I am showing what an Idiot sounds like here but I am sure trying to learn the way of show folks and be a part of them as I hope to retire before too long and get to the shows with y'all.
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    i heard
  • That is good Raven!
  • These are the two I set my pens up with this season. Male and Female Lines.
    439 x 336 - 73K
    448 x 336 - 130K
    448 x 336 - 40K
  • Male & Female line Pullets
    640 x 480 - 157K
    282 x 212 - 111K
  • Handsome birds Louis!
  • Heres a few from this years hatch that are getting closer but there tails are still a bit away from finish let me know what you think.
    2048 x 1536 - 654K
    2048 x 1536 - 618K
    2048 x 1536 - 642K
    2048 x 1536 - 618K
    2048 x 1536 - 639K
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