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Whats the correct time to worm Chicks?


  • I like to start around 6 weeks of age or two weeks after they hit the ground. For the chicks I like to use wazine only... you can add ivermectin or other wormers as they get older.
  • Carl, how should you use Ivermectin?
  • I like it in two forms, one is a topical placed on the back of the neck about 1/2 cc per bird the other is injectable about 2/10 of a cc in left breast I use both ( these are cattle parasite control products ) rotated with dips in permethrin or malathion and water.
  • Thanks Carl, do you think that worming with Piperazine will be acceptable?
  • Absolutely, so long as you are trying to treat round worms only.
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    Is their an indicator that shows in your birds if they are infected with round worms, or is the worming process a prevenative measure?
  • I personally have never seen round worms in my birds but I do worm twice a year as a preventive measure. I would certainly worm immediately if I saw round worms that had been passed by the birds.
  • Is their an indicator that shows in your birds if they are infected with round worms, or is the worming process a prevenative measure?
    For most it is a preventative, for a detailed description of symtoms of various parasites I would suggest you read the article Wayne and I prepared it is posted in the top of the discusions by admin.
  • I found that roundworms are the most commen suspects but how often do you find other worm species??
  • Has anyone used mediworm tablets for pigeons??
  • If anyone is unsure if your birds have intestinal parasites you can always take stool sameple to your local veterinary and have them do a fecal, takes the guessing out.
  • That's great advice Del. The very best way to find out if you have worms in your birds is through a fecal sample.
  • all you have to do is look at the poop your self , you can see the worms , ive forgotten but i believe theres about 50 specifies that inhibit poultry , if your birds are on the ground , you can be assured you have worms , ascroids [round worms ] are the most common , around here if you take a bird to the vet , you will pay app 100.00 , most vets dont know anything about chickens , as they get very few , their bread and butter is dogs and cats one of our local vets here used to call me doc , i would get supplies from him , i called him doc , raven
  • Hey guys this might sound crazzy but i got a mexican home remeady for birds with worms....lol it really works good my father showed me this he give his birds a little peace of bread with milk it cleans up there digestive system.. ive done it in the past and i never had a death do to worms
  • scratchscratch Mannsville, Oklahoma
    I try to worm at the first of the month every month. This works for me. I do change up on how I worm, in other words I do not worm with the same thing everytime. I believe it is possible for the worms to build up an immunity to the wormer. I have used SafeGaurd, Ivermec, Piperzine, and Wazine. Mike Stricker, I think said to dig up poke salad roots and soak them in the chickens water? I have never tried this but I bet it would probably work.
  • What's poke salad?

  • I would also like to see a picture of poke salad.

  • Google it and go to wickepedia and there is a picture there. It grows wild in Okla.
  • Here it is!
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  • Thank you Bill, your right it was at our finger tips. :-B
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