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Low Wings (Plow Wings)

I see a lot of birds posted on here with long and low wings. I've also seen more and more being shown that way as the judges continue to lift wings when judging. Mostly males. Seeing it more and more with the whites and black than ever. I know the standard call for mid hock but I'm seeing many that covers most if not all of the leg. Judges jump in and give me your thoughts. I know you have to judge what's there so how much of a deduction is there for low wings?


  • Wings is only one part of the bird to consider. most of the higher wing birds that I have seen. ,The tails are too high . Seems like if the wings come up so does the tail. Ruining the top line of the bird. Wings count 5 points, as does also the tail.You can cut them any fraction of a point up to 5 points depending upon how bad it is. I myself had rather have a correct top line . I do not like all these birds that are winning with a 60 to 80 degree tail angle. I have judged a lot that could have nearly been DO for squirrel tail. So what I am saying a low winged bird shouldn't be cut anymore than a high tailed bird.
  • I forgot to add .The 5 points allowed for wings & tail listed above is for white birds only. Colored birds are less . 4 points for tail & 3 points for wings. So the lowest winged bird there can only be cut 3 points.
  • I wish the standard gave the degree of slope of back like the American game gives.The angle of tail is from horizon.
  • I'm just tired of all these people knocking very good birds because of wing carriage. 90% of birds in the show are a little low winged.There is more to a bird then it's wings.
  • Lonnie you going to show at the Dallas show in April?
  • Cooper, I am with you on this. It really bugs me to see all the male birds posted on here that have the main tail extending past the sickles. This is a fault pointed out in the tail description. It never fails that all these birds receive the "nice bird" posts. The tail is worth more points than the wings. Many folks do not know what "low wings" are.
  • That doesn't bother me as much as all these winning birds with tail angles 70 to 90 degrees with wings look like their coming out their butt.Wings that high are for American games ,not O.E.
  • extreämism in itself is not bad it can be a useful tool to the knowledgable breeder but it does not belong on a show bird
  • Just found the information on that show James.North Texas club first annual show.About the same as old Bluebonnet Show . Don't have any to show but try to attend.Mine are too low tailed and plow winged.
  • As short of a time as I've been into raising and showing birds I have found out that it is easier to get a female with a good tight high wing carriage than a male. Is this just me or do overs agree?
  • +Yes .Males tend to want to strut & show their stuff. I have a Black Male that at home has fairly good wing carriage. But put him in the show pen & then see what happens. LOL
  • Yes Lonnie ,Mine too. LOL
  • I have a friend "old timer" that is a great breeder and shows from time to time that calls the males with long low wings "crutches". He has helped me through the years showing me the ropes on culling the long/low wing birds from my breeding program.
    Big tailed, low wing and "fluffy" feathered birds are not Old English. I just brought this topic up as I see judges continue to lift up wings which is a joke. Those birds shouldn't even be alive much less at a show.
  • My best male oe is named fluffy.
  • Lol. Let's see some photos of birds that have good and bad examples of wings and balance.
  • Let's see "fluffy"...
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Love those big tailed birds...LOL
  • .fluffy, son of plow wing
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • Lonnie you don't need to be breeding from that thing! Send him to me!
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I'm not sure what this bird did to impress the judge, everytime I walked up, he looked like this, lol
    5312 x 2988 - 5M
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