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Just a reminder for folks to get their medications before the end of the year. I plan to buy my medicated chick starter for next season before the end of the year too. All will be unavailable without a veterinarian's prescription after January 1.


  • Bill if you are out there. Is Big V still going to be making all their starters the same next year?
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited December 2016
    I talked to the Vet yesterday, he said I would have to bring a bird in, but it didn't have to be sick and he could write me VFD (prescription) that would be good at the feed store for a period of time, he said 3 months for example(not for sure on the time) or he could provide medications, but he could only sale them as needed per incident, so say I needed to treat 30 birds, he could sell me a 3 or 4 day supply........ hmm, sounds like one of our governments special kind of screw ups to me, it isn't gonna stop any one from using them, we just have to pay to play now.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Corid and Medicated starter won't be affected, some of the calf and pig feeds that contain antibiotics will require a VFD after the 1st
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    one more thing that might affect us chicken folks, no extra-label use will be allowed, so what ever they write the VFD for, it will have to be approved for poultry, anyone have a calf I can borrow for a day or two, lol...j/k........ I should be good for the next couple of years at least, hopefully I'll never need to use any meds at all, but you just never know and I want to be prepared
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    ****quote**** "Some VFD medication will allow disease diagnosing by trained non-veterinary cattle care takers. For VFD medications that allow this, the veterinarian must develop training for the non-veterinary care takers, provide documented training and have a copy of the training outline or materials on file in the cattle operations office ."

    Not necessarily. If the cattle owner or manager has a VCPR with a veterinarian, together they can develop outlines for situations when VFD medication use would be appropriate. Using these outlines VFD usage can be anticipated and in many situations the VFD medication can be available as required to address the health and well-being of the cattle without the veterinarian personally evaluating the cattle. For example, a veterinarian can develop guidelines and training for tentatively diagnosing a disease listed on the approved VFD medication and documentation of the trained personnel will allow the use of the VFD medication without the cattle being personally evaluated by their veterinarian."

    Looks like they gave the cattlemen a loop hole to work with, makes since., more BEEF, lol
  • Bill if you are out there. Is Big V still going to be making all their starters the same next year?
    The medications we use in our poultry feeds are not part of the VFD deal so we will continue to make them as usual and you do not need a prescription to buy them.
  • thank you bill! I sure am glad I really like the show broiler starter.
  • I do also! Thank you for using our feeds.
  • Welcome thank y'all for making good feed that fits our birds
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited December 2016
    wish I could get the starter here, well, I can but I have to special order it, I go through too much starter to use something that's not in stock.....sorry about blowing the forum up guys, I have a lot hand warming time today and I got tired of facebook, lol
  • I'm glad to hear that Corrid and medicated starter won't be affected!
  • Clink, our business is stocker steers. We have a vet who writes our prescriptions for vaccines and antibiotics. It is mandatory that he comes and checks out our program several times a year to make sure we are following protocols. If we have something weird come up and we need a different drug - he writes the scipt according to what our issue is. We have a specific "drug dealer" - vet supply man who has a copy of all of our prescriptions and delivers to us once a week. If we have a special order, either the vet calls it in for us, or we call it in and he calls the vet. Its a team effort.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Thanks, that's interesting, so just another day of business for you guys, the commercial operations around here, mostly poultry and cattle, won't really be affected, like you, they already go through the process, so no big deal. Myself, I don't plan on using anything on the list(I guess nobody really does), but I do have a small stock pile that will get me through the next few years. There was so much bad information going around, it's easy for someone to get confused about all this
  • You are right Clink.
  • I found out for sure today that Corrid and medicated chick starter will not be affected by the new regulations.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    right, amprolium is not an antibiotic, it's a coccidiostat....

    all this sure makes me wonder whats next. As of now, the government says I have to buy a special permit to fly my rc airplanes. They decided(without asking me) that I can't snag spoonbill after 10pm(even though our state exploits them for their eggs at the tune of a several million dollars year and I turn every one I catch loose), they say I can't treat a sick chicken with certain antibiotics, get that AI testing, you npip? do you have all your import permits for the states your traveling through? Do this! Don't do that! can't you read the signs? lol...... gotta love that Big Government
  • Big Brother will mess up most everything Clink.
  • For me Corrid is probably the most important medication I keep around, it's good to know it will still be available.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited January 5
    According to my feed store, Tylan 50 and oxytetracycline are still available over the counter, could have bought some just now. That's good
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