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How many birds do you have up to condition.?

This question always pops in my head when I am talking to guys about birds.

How many birds do you put up to condition each fall? do you have a set number that you aim for each year in cocks, hens, cockerels, and pullets? Or do you just hope for the best. How many is too many to concentrate on conditioning?

I know some guys will only put up 20 total for the year and others, 100... so what does everyone aim for?


  • I will shoot first, with my limited space at my house, I had to cull faster than I wanted this year. But I still have quite a few to grow and finish that have made the cuts so far for me.

    This year I have put up 4 cocks, 4 cockerels , 4 hens, and about 20 pullets in my bb reds (male and female line), as they mature more the pullet number will go down to around 8-10. In my brown reds I have about 8-10 hens put up and another 20 pullets, of which will go down to around the 8-10 mark as well. I will also have a few odds and ends varieties that I just have a couple in

    So for me, about 35-40 is what I will condition out this year. not saying they will all make the cut to go every weekend I show, but that gives me plenty of options. haha
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    You guys all know I had to take what I could get this year since I'm just getting my flock started, next year, I'm thinking I'll enter 2 bb red cockerels in most shows, so I want to put at least my best 8 cockerels up to choose from, I already learned to expect the unexpected or at least be prepared with a plan B. I thought I had good birds for the kids in the county fair, but most of my Jan hatch pullets are dropping feathers, I put up twice as many as they need last week, we are down to a couple extras now, the judging is Tuesday
  • Early hatch sometimes finish then molt , especially the wing.Early hatch for early fairs is what wins, cocks and hens usually not finished molt.Condition big factor in showing.Hope you good at the fair tue.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    edited August 2016
    Thank you sir, most of the birds have been on the yard til about 3 weeks ago, I caught 3 crele pullets today for extras. I'm having the first annual Oakley OEGB Crele Classic in the morning and Best of the BB's Battle Sunday.........., here's a pic of a top contender for Saturday's show
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  • I have 40 conditioning pens with 6 cocks and 34 cockerels.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Shane, how many do you take to the local shows?
  • You should do good, clink.Nice bird.
  • nice female Clink! Shane that is a good number of birds to condition!
  • I have choose birds in the past that I thought would be the best when they finish, and ended up with some good birds left in pens with other birds which results in feather damage. So in built enough pens to put every male bird in and individual pen, then I cull at the end of oct. I'll only keep about 6-8 to show.
  • That is kind of what I do also Shane.
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