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Any other hobbies that doesn't require feeding.



  • This is a good thread fun! I never seen a 7up bottle like the brown one. Bob the skull are petty neat, and I'm with your wife I thought maybe you done dug up a Indian burial ground are something. Lol
  • You could lose your head around Bob.
  • Lol that's good stuff fun. All my hobbies involve animals or hunting.
  • You can buy human skulls from India. I do have a few larger skulls but I prefer the smaller ones. Wolf sizes and down. I do think that Spoonbill fish skull is cool.
  • 4-8-4 HO Locomotive. HO Stands for half O scale like the old Lionel .
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
  • How old is the train Lonnie?
  • Love the old trains
  • Had that one about 20 years but it is still made for the grown up kids.The Lionel toy trains some are dated.
    2048 x 1152 - 1022K
  • Here is o scale and n scale.there is z scale even smaller .Have all sizes but like HO best.Google HO trains and see every locomotive replica.
    2048 x 1152 - 905K
    2048 x 1152 - 880K
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I can look at your trains for way to long, very cool. My youngest loves choo choos
  • Here you go Barry. Notice these in most towns in Texas.
    4128 x 2322 - 4M
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • edited July 23
    Thanks funandgames. Those old monuments are under attack by historical revisionists all over the country right now. There may come a day when you can no longer see one.
  • edited July 25
    Just got mount back from Dec 2015, talking on phone with KC in Alabama when l got him .KC got to hear the boom.
    1996 x 2505 - 2M
  • Great deer fun!
  • Thanks Barry.Lucky I can hunt deer from my chicken yard.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    nice one!!!!
  • You are lucky! I have to travel about 10 miles and hunt on private property.
  • Nice to watch them year round. The bucks antlers are about half way up and velvet now.Bucks , does and young are staying together.
  • Thanks clink.
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