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Any other hobbies that doesn't require feeding.



  • Watching the grass grow and hearing the birds singing
  • Some know that I custom paint fishing lures and bass fish but haven't done much fishing lately.
  • Here's one I painted.
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
  • I usually just get lucky and find older coins in my pocket change. I worked retail for a while so I had access to a lot of money.
  • Those lures are a work of art.
  • Great paint job bantamman. Do you get your blanks from They have the best prices I have seen.
  • Thanks guys, the blanks are imported. See more at Luresmith Custom
  • A color I've always liked.
    3472 x 2604 - 2M
  • Thanks for the monument photo funandgames!
  • I have a pretty good skull collection. Some I have gathered some I have bought. I now have my granddaughter collecting them.
  • What kind of skulls?
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    that's interesting yegua308, have you ever cleaned a spoonbill skull? I want to try that and a catfish someday
  • I have skulls of all kinds= Birds, mammals and fish. It is against the law to posses a bird skull from a protected species, which spoon bills are.
    I always thought it was a little weird to collect skulls but about 2 years ago I found a group on the internet dedicated to collecting not only skulls but complete skeletons. It is a big hobby across the world with books dedicated to it. Putting together a complete skeleton is my next adventure.
    I probably have about 50-75 skulls, about 25 of them are bats ( different kinds). Claudia has forbidden me to buy a human skull.

    Bob Choate
  • bees, the only time I feed them is when they are a small first year hive, after that they can feed me
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Oh yeah, I meant a spoonbill fish like this one
    500 x 261 - 21K
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Ron, I'm too scared to get bees, I'm allergic and swell up really bad if I get stung
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    i make and sell paracord items like dog collars and leashes and bracelets
  • That's neat Garrett, a hobby that pays off.I have many hobbies that doesn't. Soda pop bottles.
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • Here are a few of my skulls. The drawers below are filled with skulls and bones
    By the way I also have bees
    Skull 2.jpg.JPG
    6000 x 4000 - 6M
    Skull 1 .jpg
    4144 x 3900 - 3M
  • Now that is neat.Are those porcupine quills in the urchin?
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