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Norman or Tulsa State Fair?

Just curious where all the fellow Okie's and guys that show in Oklahoma are going? I was pretty set on Norman, but I wanna go where most of you guys off this site are gonna go. Looking forward to seeing you guys, where ever it's at


  • I will be at Tulsa State fair but a lot of guys will go to Norman
  • tracytracy AMARILLO,TX.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    T town is an hour and Norman is about 3 hrs from here, but I guess I would have to make two or three trips to Tulsa or rent a room. I don't wanna be in Tulsa any longer than I have too, looks like I'll see you Norman Tracy. I'll catch you at the next show Stone

    I put this in the madder than a wet hen because it doesn't make since to have these shows at the same time, it seems like the fair shows don't really consider other shows at all, but I don't know what the story is on the politics behind that
  • Norman is probably more of a breeder show.
  • I'll be at Norman
  • The Rabbit show folks are having their national show at Tulsa this year and they asked to switch dates with the poultry show, so the poultry show agreed and the dates were switched. It wasn't done on purpose, but to help other folks out. And the change was made prior to the TSF show last year. We will be going to TSF, kind of a tradition. Plus Jan Geis has gone above and beyond to bring showmanship to the fair - I feel like we should support her and her efforts since my kids are involved in showmanship. We don't go on vacations - can't be gone that long. So we look at TSF as a mini vacation, with chickens included!
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    Thanks for the info cliftonranch, nothing better than a vacation with chickens!

    Looking forward to seeing you and your birds Bowbender

    funandgames, I'm a chicken propagator at best, but I wanna be a breeder when I grow up, lol
  • What I call a breeder show is the spectators came to see a poultry show.Most spectators at fairs didn't come to see a poultry show.Never was a johnny apple seed for poultry.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I know what you meant, I was just being silly...... I can see where all extra the people could make it interesting for some folks. I think the dates are different next year, maybe I'll get a chance to see whats it's like
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