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BVPC Picnic and the shows in Texas

I am putting this on here as a Prequel to discussing having a open show in Texas

The 2016 gathering of the Brazos Valley Poultry Club Picnic is now past and it was a great success. The weather held off perfectly and some may have got a little wet on the way home.
The McDade Watermelon Festival grounds is the perfect place to hold such an event. Lots of room, shade and buildings to cook and serve from. The food was excellent with Luke doing another great job of
Bar-B-Q’ing but equally great were the side dishes and desserts presented by the members.
We had about 35 people from all over the state, most were members some were not. Mary Ogg with the USDA was also in attendance. We had a few new exhibitors’ joins us and a great time was had by all.
One of the most important factors of this event was the programs presented by the TAHC and the head of the NPIP. We want to thank JC Essler of the TDLVM and head of the NPIP program in Texas. His talk help clear up a number of questions and helped us understand the NPIP AI Certified Program as offered in Texas. We now understand better the process that a number of us are fixing to go thru. He also informed us that the program now only requires testing once every 180 days (twice a year) instead of the every 90 days as before. This cuts the cost down considerably, not in half but still way down. There is more information I hope to explain later.
Russell Iselt and Ryan Brockenbush were there to explain the Texas Animal Heath Commission’s rules on Texas shows. While not changing much in the last 12 years they did help us understand exactly what was expected of us when traveling out of state and what it would take to let out of state exhibitors to come to a Texas show. They were sympathetic to our cause and did give us hope of meeting with the Board of directors of the TAHC to plead our case. Something the Texas Association of Exhibition Poultry Clubs has tried before.
Once again there was other subjects addressed with the TAHC and at some point I would like to expand on those also. But the most important thing to me is that a dialog was started and I came away with a positive feeling. It will never go back to the way we had it in the past but hopefully we can ease our pain somewhat. These men took time out from their weekend to talk to us and show us that they are not our enemy, just men doing their job. Hopefully they saw that we are not just numbers but Fanciers enjoying our hobby.
It will be hard to have the 2017 version of this gathering as big of a success as this one, but we are up to the challenge.
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