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Animal medication being pulled from the market.

There's been some facebook users talking about several animal meds being pulled off the market as of Dec. 2016 and the only way to get these after that date is with a vet prescription, one of the meds is corrid, anyone else here about this.


  • The bottom line is Antibiotics are being removed. Whether Corid is being removed is a matter of debate. This being the internet the facts change from day to day. The one thing you can be sure of is no more antibiotics. Which doesn't bother me.
  • yes federal regulations will be pulling a lot of antibiotics off the shelves at the start of 2017. There is a lot of stuff on the web about this. And about half is true! Haha. Look up good solid articles on this to make sure you get the truth!
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I think they seen the combo drugs on the list, the ones that have corid and antibotics and got over excited and made posts facebook, lol
  • check with your county extension agent - they have all kinds of handouts on the new regs. Last fall we met with our vet, he writes all of our scrips for the drugs we use here. He got us up to speed with most of it. He will have to come do more visits than he has in the past in order to keep writing our scrips.
  • corrid baytril and ls-50 is just about all i use. have to get the baytril at the local vet the other 2 my feed store has.
  • This year I have started using the Corid powder from tractor supply. I like it a lot better than the liquid. Mortality rate in chicks is nowhere near what I have seen in the previous 2 years. You can bet that if they are planning to remove it off the market in 2017, I will be at Tractor Supply in November 2016 to buy all I can. The powder should have a better shelf life than the liquid.
  • I've never used any of those, but I've never lost any chicks. The only thing I use on chicks is probotics and electrolyte, will they still be available ? I do feed medicated chick starter for first 6-8 weeks.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I have't seen anything that would effect any of them Shane, just water soluble antibiotics, I found list on the FDA website, it talks about about labeling changes on the antibiotics, all the company's agreed to not list growth rates or production increases from the use of their products(the one's on the list) and after the first of the year a vet will have to prescribe them........................there's still a matter of some kinda small animal health bill that allows pet stores and feed stores to carry certain medications for over the counter sales, not sure how this affects that....and yes people buy amoxicillin to take themselves from the pet and feed stores, it sales under the name fishcillin, lol
  • Have to wait and see how it plays out and then maybe start stocking up on some items, I would hate to start buying from a vet because so far anything I got from a vet has been pricey.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    That's for sure Lee. I think probiotics are more effective in the long run any way, not saying that for a sick chicken, just as a preventive measure for over all flock health
  • I guess there is a lot to consider. There are bacterial diseases and viral diseases. Probiotics has it's place in fighting the bad bacteria but not effective for viruses. This is when you need medications as a cure and not a preventative. Preventing comes down to sanitary living quarters good food and water and not overcrowding. Shane you said you use probiotics with a medicated starter. I know probiotics has to be put in nonchlorinated water or the chlorine will make it ineffective. It does not discriminate and only kill bad bacteria. It kills the good bacteria also. That makes me wonder about using medicated feed. Is the medication canceling out any benefits that a probiotic provides. I don't know but it is a question worth asking. I guess it really won't make much of a difference with me specifically as I am planning to retire at the end of the year and will be living on a fixed income. To do so I will be cutting back hard and getting rid of my feed bill by only keeping a few Birchens and White Wyandottes to run loose and look at. I will try and make a couple shows a year strictly as a spectator and to visit friends. But getting back to the subject at hand, no matter what you do or how good you do it, the birds will get sick occasionally and medications are a necessary part of the hobby. I guess it is in the hands of the government and like always they will tell us what we can do and can't do. That is one thing I won't miss about raising livestock is the government red tape and how they blame us for the problem and do things to protect the big money operations like the commercial poultry industry.
  • Wayne you're right about the government thing for sure.
  • These regulations will change some things up for sure. People are scared of our food in this country for some strange reason but the forget we have one of the safest food sources in the world. yes there are probably things that go on we have no clue about. But the simple fact that some decisions are made because people are scared.
    EXAMPLE: people all the time talking about how chickens have all these hormones pumped into them and that the only way they grow so big.. And they use the argument that "the package says hormone free, so some chicken does have hormones." WRONG. FACT: chickens can not and will not take to artificial hormones like some other livestock. So that "no hormones added" or "hormone free" label you see at the store is all MARKETING, nothing more.

    Our country is full of people who consume agriculture every single day but have no clue as to what it takes to produce it or even where it comes from. I go into classrooms all the time at schools and children, even teenagers have no clue. It is truly sad that we have come so disconnected as a people that we don't know where our bare necessities come from.
  • It is sad to see how things work now a days. The American farmers and ranchers are real the heroes of this country. Around here farmland is quickly disappearing. The older farmers are dying off and there children don't want to do it. They are after the quick buck by selling the land to develop subdivisions or businesses . I remember when the place where the Walmart superstore is now, was a cane field. Something is definitely wrong when you consider the price you pay for a box of cereal. As expensive as it is the farmer that grew the grain that goes in it probably got 10 or 15 cents. The rest of the cost is in packaging and marketing. I'll bet the guy that sold them the box made more than the farmer who grew the grain. Now that is crazy. Yes, the general public is truly fooled by advertising and marketing strategies. They are willing to pay higher prices if you advertise that the product is organic. Another brain washing campaign has got the young people thinking they need those energy drinks. I am 62 years old and never needed those products. I call them heart attacks in a bottle as they are nothing but caffeine and carbs. If you eat a good meal, do an honest days work and get proper sleep, you don't need those things. Yes, the times are changing.
  • Kjundog, you hit the nail on the head on all of it. It is sad. My generation (I am 24) is completely oblivious to anything other than their own dream and that is what has got us to some of the places we are at in this world. Honestly, It is a bigger problem than that. This country needs God. But that is a different story and I know how some can get on this site! But I think you would agree with me!
  • If I'm reading the posts correctly, Corrid will not be sold without a vet. prescription after 2016. What other drugs will be affected that we normally use? I want a list so I can stock up.
  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I didn't see corid (amprolium) on the list by itself, a medication that includes an antibiotic and corid together is on the list, which I believe caused the confusion..... you might stock up on tylan 50 and any other water soluble antibiotics you might use
  • FDA has a list on their site.
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