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Brinsea Incubators

I'm looking at getting a Brinsea Cabinet style incubator to replace one of mine and was wondering if anybody has one or knows of someone that has one. Its hard to find customer reviews on these machines but they are supposed to be good.


  • Barry check amazon out i seen afew brinsea incubators on that site with reviews on them .
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    The school i work for has used a small one that i think holds about 6 eggs and i gave them some eggs to hatch and it seemed to work fine for them
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I'm looking for someone that has one of their cabinet style incubators such as the Ova 190 or the 380. Can't seem to find any reviews on these anywhere. They are either rare or really good because if someone had a bad experience then they would probably post it. I just like to do research before I take the plunge on such an expensive incubator.
  • C&Z Bantam's has one and they seam to really like it. Seems the best feature is the 100% humidity control.
    I know that I will have one as soon as I can afford it.
  • Thanks Dusty! I'll give C&Z a call.
  • I have had a 380 for 2 years and really like it. It is what I put my most important eggs in.
    I also have a new GQF top of the line one ( forgot the number) and it works well also.
    The Brinsea has so many different things you can do with it and the Humidity control is the best. And there in lies the problem- it can be too complicated, but if I can do it anybody can. You just have to read the instructions, something I am not prone to do.
  • Thanks for the feedback yegua308! How many bantam eggs does your machine hold and do you use their universal adjustable trays or do you use egg positioners in the trays? How does it compare with the GQF other than at twice the price?
  • It holds the same amount of eggs as the GQF - 354 bantam. I like the 59 egg plastic positioners but those that hatch a lot of different size eggs use the Brinsea positioners which are kind of cool just not for me. In one tray you can set quail, bantam, LF and duck if you want. The other racks work best for me.
    The material the Brinsea is made out of holds the temperature better but the best feature by far is the Humidity regulator. Well worth the price
    You can also regulate how often you turn the eggs and I have the cool down timer activated. That is where the eggs stop turning and the incubator cools down for an hour. This simulates the hen getting off the nest to eat etc. It is the Waterfowl people that like that feature the most.
    Once I forgot that I had the Cool Down activated and walked into the room and the temperature was at 85 and I couldn't get it up. I was freaking out till I remembered what I had done. I am better now.
  • Thanks Bob! Do you think that the incubator is worth the high price?
  • Yes, but I fully understand those who don't. I don't just raise chickens, I also have about 4 breeds of Pheasants, quail, partridge and francolins
  • I saw those on line good looking bators, little expensive but I bet they are the mother hen.
  • I started out with cheap bators and couldn't hatch nothing, I had bought 2 trios of BBs and paid good money for them only to raise a pullet and cockerel. The next year I bought good bators and hatched all I could handle.
  • They are very high in price but I guess you get what you pay for these days. Haven't decided to get one just yet but if I do, I'll be selling my GQF 1500.
  • Barry how do you like that 1500 GQF incubator I was sure thinking about trying to get me one just filling out everybody that I can that already has them . Or 1202 GQF
  • I have the GQF 1500 Professional that has full digital controls. I've had this incubator for 5 years and the only trouble I have had was to replace the fan motor. It works fine and holds the temp right on the money. Its a great incubator for the money. I'm only looking at the Brinsea because you can control the number of turns per hour and humidity better. Where do you live Marvin?
  • Thank Barry for the input on the 1500 GQF that's the one I looking in on I just haven't pulled the string yet .live in Fort Worth tx. Thank .
  • Barry you may just be itching for a new incubator because you can hatch more with what you have than you will ever need in as season. I used 1200 series GQF's for years and just recently purchased the 1502 Digital and am about to make the first hatch out of it. I am confident it will hatch just fine as they all have and if I can just control myself and turn it off when I need to maybe I won't end up with a thousand chicks!
    Those Digital models are really nice and in controlled environment they hold temps and humidity seemingly prefect! It was a pretty good step for me to turn loose of the money for this one and the hatcher and I bought it used in mint condition so I am a happy camper or hatcher!
  • Just remember that an Incubator is only as good as its location and the operator.
    I am very fortunate to have a wife who allows me to keep the incubator in the house set up in a spare bedroom. When we were first married(1979) I had an incubator next to the bed so that I could reach over and turn the eggs in the middle of the night.
  • That is good!
    I am glad to know I am not the only person with quirks!
  • I have 3-1202 incubators and I just pick one and incubate and hatch out of it I have no problem hatching all I want. I guess if you have the money spend it. but if it ant broke why fix it I have put 3 settings in and they have been 80,84,86 percent.
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