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LIGHTING - Natural vs Artificial

What are you guys thoughts on this? I know most male line guys start between Dec-Jan. And some female line guys use lights in FEB-MAR.. How do you do it and what are your reasons. How long from the beginning of turning the lights on does it take the birds to become productive? meaning getting good fertile eggs. I have tried different things over the years but some on here may not have a clue! Lets discuss it!


  • ClinkClink NE Oklahoma
    I turned my lights on around thanksgiving, I noticed an increase in production after a couple weeks, some more than others, by the third week of December everything was fertile but the opals, after the 1st of the year they became fertile. I have a shop light with 2 32w, t8 daylight bulbs over a 10 by 12 area. The reason is because I need to raise some birds to get started. I'm basically monkey see, monkey do at this point, but it's working out so far
  • I can only speak on what works for me in my area. Things may differ depending on geographical location. I am a big believer in artificial lighting to get eggs early. Of course you realize in will effect productivity of females later. Got to realize they will need to take a break from laying sooner or layer. To get eggs early may mean they are on a break in April and May when some people like to hatch female line birds. I feel it is best to give the artificial light in the morning. Set your timers to give them around 14 hours of light. I don't like the artificial light in the evening because I have seen where birds get caught on ground and don't fly up to roost when it goes from light to dark all at once. I like to see them go up and roost to get plenty of rest with the natural process of dawn setting in and a gradual darkness occurs. As far as when to start, I like to allow 3 weeks of artificial lighting before I want to start collecting eggs.
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