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vaccinating chicks

edited January 2016 in Made from Scratch
Does most guys vaccinate your chicks?


  • I vaccinate for fowl pox. I try and hold off until I have plenty to do. They are safe as long as they are under lights 24/7. The reason being that a mosquito doesn't have a chance to land and do damage in the light. There is always another chick that will peck it off as soon as it lands. The risk increases as they begin to sleep in the dark.
  • Thanks, Wayne
  • Troy V. Vaccinates chicks for coccidiosis and likes it.
  • I vaccinate for Fowl Pox but not the chicks. I don't have trouble with mosquitos at that time and unless you live in a high festation area you shouldn't either. I know along the Gulf coast (Houston) they have problems with fowl pox and chicks and must do it when they hatch.
    We usually don't start getting issues till almost fall. I buy about 4 sets of Vaccine and will start vaccinating about July or August. We go out at night and take them off the roost and do them there. Easier to catch. I try not to do anything under about 10-12 weeks but will if I need to finish up a group. We can do about 100 birds a night. Then wait a few weeks and do another 100. The vaccine is rather cheap- $8-10 a set.
    We also spray the areas around the birds with a yard spray containing Permathin (SP) - it doesn't harm the birds and knocks down Mosquitos for about 6 weeks- I do it at night after everything goes to roost and by morning it is dry and harmless.
    FYI- We= Claudia and I
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