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Toe punches/markings

Anyone toe punch theit biddies? Or is this frowned upon at showtime? How do you guys keep single matings seperated?


  • I number every egg, then my hatching trays are dived and numbered and when the chicks hatch I toe punch them for that number. I've never had any problems at the shows with toe punch.
  • Like Shane, I write the mating # on the egg. Hatch in dividers and toe punch and keep records in a notebook. This is very important when breeding for improvements as you need to know which mating worked and which ones didn't.
  • You can toe punch or simply cut out the entire web and also use a combination of the two.
  • Thank you guys. I'm no stranger to toe punching and keeping records on single matings I just couldn't find anyone in here talking about it (probably didnt search enough) and seen a lot of people putting multiple bands on birds.
  • This is my first year showing so I just wasn't sure.
  • Chart I found.
    800 x 618 - 34K
  • Using a combination of "toe punches" along with "cutting out the web" will increase the number of toe marks. Some cockers would use what is known as a "nostril mark" In doing this you would remove the tiny piece of bone on either the left or right side of the nostril.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    I have a problem toe punching my newly hatched i have had to cut the web with scissors
    My toe punch seems to big...Do they make a smaller size toe punch for bantam chicks? and if so where do you purchase them?
  • I don't know. I've even tried a hot needle but that grows back.

    I figured that would pose a problem when I started raising bantams.

    I've seen where some people that raise large birds use a hog ear notcher to take out the web.
  • Ear notcher is too big for bantams though.
  • I use cuticle scissors and just cut out the entire web.
  • I use toe punch and punch out the web
  • I use small finger nail clippers and take out the entire web!
  • LeeWaddleLeeWaddle S.W. MO
    edited January 2016
    Toe punches are really to big for bantams at 1 day old. You can use different color spiral leg bands for each different mating for about a week or so giving them time to grow then toe punch and remove the band. The older chicks don't bleed as much if any at all.
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    If they don't make a small toe punch for newly hatched bantam chicks..someone should start making one...i bet they would sell a lot...Like i said earlier i have been using a small scissors like some of you but sure wish they made a toe punch for them..I might try what you do Lee and then toe punch them when older...
  • I have several pairs of toe punches and the work fine for me. If you want to be sure that the hole won't grow back, take out the whole web. With my old eyes, that works better anyway. They may bleed a little but it stops very quick and the chick is just fine. I never band young chicks because they grow very fast and if you don't watch them, a band will cripple their foot if you don't cut it off in time.
  • Been using toe punches for over 50 yrs. never had a problem. just make sure you get the plug out or it will grow back.
  • edited January 2016
    as long as you are patient you can use just about anything. I prefer to take the entire web out. I also use the old number method of toe punching.

    Left out = 1
    Left in = 2
    Right in = 4
    Right out = 8

    With this you get 16 different marks = 16 pens.

    Brood pen #1 I use left out

    Brood pen #3 I use left out and left in (1+2=3)

    Brood pen # 6 use left in and right in (2+4=6)
  • Stone same method I have used for 50 plus years.Easy to remember.
  • yes sir. I will never do it any other way!
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