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brown red

When selecting a male for a female line. How much lacing should be in breast?


  • In my opinion it is all about balancing out the mating. You can have a lot or none. It is best to use a heavy laced bird of a bird that has very little to none. Even out of two minimal laced birds you will get some with it all the way to there legs. You get a variety in the offspring.

    Just focus on balancing out the lacing between the breeders. I consider the amount, but focus more on the uniformity and correctness of the lacing the bird has more than the amount. You want clean, crisp lacing now matter if they have 1/8 of an inch or 2 inches down the chest. You will also get different answers from different people. This is what works for me
  • Could I get some of you to post some pictures of your breeder males thanks
  • I will try to get some this week. I have a vast variety in the males I kept!
  • Rgoble email me at and I'll send you some pics.
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • Bird
    2018 x 2148 - 748K
    2161 x 2336 - 789K
  • Nice bird marvin!
  • Nice cockbird Marvin!
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    I like his type nice looking
  • Thanks Guys ...
  • 2015 cockerel that I am going to breed
    720 x 960 - 154K
  • Nice looking bird.
  • I like his stance.
  • Nice bird Stone
  • nice BR stone
  • Thank you guys! This is his half brother. He was trying to squat as he was scared of the fireworks going on last night! Ha
    540 x 720 - 136K
  • Good lookin birds stone
  • Here is a hen that I will be using again in 2016. Pure Stewart blood
    720 x 960 - 93K
  • Needs some work, but I really like the body on this pullet.
    720 x 960 - 92K
  • lotslesslotsless Albany Oregon
    Nice stone...I really like that wide wide feathering on that last hen..
  • Thanks lotsless
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