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Maintaining a Bloodline

nboonnboon Princeton Texas
edited December 2015 in Made from Scratch
I have a David Sherrill pair of BB Reds and want to continue that line. I have only that one pair and was wondering if I could maintain that line and keep it pure off of just that one pair? All my other birds are anywhere from 75% to 98% percent Sherrill Blood


  • The only true method would be to have the same selection practice in mating and culling. Once removed the originators hands birds often begin to change. So e from environment, coops, and feeding practices but most from selection practice.
    One can breed hard on a line and not deviate from the line of birds but selection of breeder birds will change them be it pattern color or body and feather.
  • Is this what your looking for?
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  • line breeding is one way to go. Father over daughters, son over mother.
  • nboonnboon Princeton Texas
    I just don't want the birds so close they loose vigor laying fertility ect
  • bobwhitebobwhite Florida
    edited December 2015
    Always breed to the right birds and you'll never have any problems you can't fix.
    And be ready to build a bunch more pens. Hahahaha
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